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Oklahoma’s Republican Party: How Do We Stop The Corruption?

I have been actively involved in the political spectrum for about 3 years now. Thirty-five years ago I tried to get involved, but when I saw how corrupt and self-serving the process was, I gave up. I registered as an Independent with the hopes that being an Independent would insulate me from the corruption, self-serving politicians, and the evil that pervades both parties. I was sadly mistaken. In that 35 years nothing has improved. Now, 35 years later, I find our Republic in the death throes of dictatorship and people in both political parties working together to enslave We the People. Sadly, much of this is my fault because I chose to ignore it in the hope it would go away. It didn’t go away, but instead has become much more of a problem and much more of a danger. I re-registered as a Republican just after the 2008 elections that saw John McCain, and the Republican Party machine, surrender my nation to the most radical thing that has ever sat in the White House.

I have seen the Republican Party sacrifice my freedoms on the altar of the party machine interests time and again. I have seen congressional Republicans cave on issue after issue and “go along to get along”, be “bi-partisan, civil, and agreeable” , and “reach across the aisle” to work with their “friends in the Democrat Party” until they no longer stand for the ideals our founding fathers espoused in the Constitution. Republicans have done this in spite of the promises they made to get elected in record numbers. I have found the Republican Party does not represent me any better than the Democrat Party.

In 2010, voters in the State of Oklahoma swept Republicans into office in unprecedented fashion, much as was done in the national elections. We also passed state referendums opposing Sharia Law and Obamacare. The first thing the newly elected Republican governor, President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House did upon taking office was begin a plot to implement Obamacare in the State of Oklahoma. They tried 3 different stealth approaches to slip this into law in spite of the overwhelming, and by overwhelming I mean 70% of the voters, opposition to Obamacare. They were looking at the $54.5 million that would come from the federal government for them to spend, particularly with their allies in the insurance business.

Governor Mary Fallin, State Sen. Brian Bingman, and State House Speaker Kris Steele were the authors of this dastardly plot to subvert the wishes of 70% of We the People of the State of Oklahoma. All of their attempts were thwarted due to the dogged work of OKSAFE, an organization dedicated to defeating Obamacare, and dedicated to being a watch-dog on Oklahoma politicians. I have been told, but cannot verify at this moment, that they are hatching new plots to implement Obamacare in the next legislative session. They seem to be determined to sneak this through when they think We the People aren’t looking. They want that $54.5 million for their cronies, not for We the People.

I was astounded that Republicans would behave in this fashion. I don’t know why it surprised me, but it did. Maybe it is because I have followed the TEA Party movement and seen how Republicans have seemed to step right into what We the People want done in government. Once again, I have seen the duplicity and self-serving nature of politicians rear its ugly head and have begun to realize none of them can be trusted. I have seen the “tell voters what they want to hear and do as we please once elected” attitude alive and well within the Republican Party.

In 2009, I got involved in a campaign for the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma. Dr. Charles Thompson nearly upset a long time Democrat, coming close enough that Rep. Dan Boren has decided he won’t run again. Since that time I have become actively involved in my local county party group with the intent of cleaning the corruption and “insider trading” out of the system. I have been elected, by my county peers, as the State Committeeman representing Rogers County in the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Everything was rolling along fine until we began the primary race for the 2nd Congressional District. I won’t go into details, as the details will be very plainly evident in this letter that I sent to the state chairman, district chairman, and the county chairwoman responsible for the issue at the district meeting held in October 2011 in McAlester, Oklahoma. The last 3 names on the list of recipients are there because I discussed it with them to get their input on how I should approach this matter. We were working together to organize a candidate forum and I felt I owed them the courtesy of letting them know how I wound up handling this matter. The e-mail I sent follows:

November 1, 2011
Mr. Montgomery,

I am writing about the fiasco involving the straw pole at the McAlester meeting of the Oklahoma 2nd District Republican Party. It has come to my attention that Holly Gerard and the other people running the straw pole were wearing George Faught t-shirts and stickers. The rules were changed several times and some people who were in line to vote were told the voting was over at the specified time in spite of your announcement that those in line at the cut-off time would be allowed to vote.

I find this troubling on several points. My first problem is with having partisan campaign workers running what is supposed to be an objective voting process. Another issue is the changing of the rules as it went along. You can’t have an objective voting process when one candidate’s operatives are running the vote. You also can’t have a fair and balanced vote if the rules change to suit one candidate or the other. This is what is done in Third World banana republics, not in The United States of America. Whether this was the reason or not is immaterial, the appearance of impropriety is enough to call the entire process, and the people administering it, into question.

Those looking potential straw voters up in voter vault seemed to be totally incompetent and/or the records woefully incomplete. They could not find the name of Linda Lepak, the Rogers County Chairperson. I am sure Linda is a Republican yet she was nearly denied the right to vote over a failure to find her in Voter Vault. She was only allowed to vote after she argued vigorously. I have also been told by some of the candidates that they were not notified that the straw poll was going to be held. Once again, whether that is an oversight or a direct omission is beside the point.

I find the involvement of Holly Gerard in George Faught’s campaign to be in conflict with her duties as an officer of the 2nd Congressional District. I submit that she and any other party official should immediately resign their position to clear up any conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof.

Their involvement in a campaign when they are supposed to be working for the good of the entire district is a conflict of interest that cannot be resolved by them suddenly stating they are not a part of that campaign any longer. Their objectivity has been tarnished and they must step down from any state, district, or county position immediately.

I became involved in the Republican Party two years ago because of my disgust at the graft and corruption I have seen in politics. I realize that I am new here and not terribly aware of “how things are done” but I am aware enough to know that the current system is corrupt. One of the reasons I became involved with the party is to remove these tactics and the people that employ them, those as candidates, those as elected officials, and those as party officials. The American public is totally disgusted with the way politics is handled in this country and the only way to regain the confidence of We the People is to remove the corruption and be totally above board. That is my goal, to clean up a process so vile and corrupt that it needs a good disinfecting by honest and fair people.

Ms. Gerard and the others involved in this may be wonderful, honest people but these circumstances bring into question their judgment at the very least, and their ethics as well. We can no longer afford to tolerate this kind of behavior, innocent or not. The only way to regain the confidence of the American people is to remove those with questionable ethics or judgment from the process and to ensure that everything is done properly and with the utmost propriety.

We are on the verge of losing our Republic and it is partially because of this kind of activity. American citizens have lost their confidence in the political parties and see them as only looking out for the best interests of party insiders and not the well-being of the citizenry as a whole. This must be reversed if we are to have any hope of restoring the confidence needed to preserve our nation and our freedom.

I am not casting aspersions on any of those involved because I don’t know them. I don’t know what their motives were but I do know that their actions, even if totally innocent, were unacceptable. I am saying that the perception of impropriety is enough to bring the ethics and character of those involved into question and that cannot be allowed to fester. If we are to continue on as a free and prosperous nation we must take the steps necessary to restore the confidence of the American people.
I hope to be a part of leading the Republican Party back to being a party of the people, a party that the average American citizen can depend on to look out for the best interests of all not just party insiders. I hope you will be a part of this goal. It is imperative that we succeed in regaining the trust of the citizens of America.

Copies of this letter are going to: Matt Pinnell, Tom Montgomery, Holly Gerard, Linda Lepak, Jo Rainbolt, and Bob Brown.
I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty god To honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

In God We Trust,
Bob Russell
Rogers County State Committeeman

To date, I have received one response to this e-mail. Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma State GOP Chairman, called me one afternoon and told me that Ms. Gerard was contemplating stepping down from her county president position and that this is behind us. I don’t know that anyone has stepped down and the problem wasn’t addressed, only swept under the rug. It might be behind him but it isn’t behind me.

I subsequently made a request that I be allowed to speak at the next Republican Party District 2 meeting and at the next state committee meeting. So far, Mr. Montgomery e-mailed me that Ms. Gerard was doing the planning for the District meeting and that he would get back with me on the matter. That was November 16, today is December 27. I have yet to hear any response at all from the state level. My purpose in speaking at these meetings is to make others aware that this happened and remind them that We the People must step up to tell the political operatives who they represent, and who they work for. I also desire to let others as appalled as I am know that they aren’t alone and need not fear standing up for what is right and just.

State Representative George Faught is playing the old game of self-serving political opportunism. I believe that if he is our next congressman he will do whatever he is told to do by party leadership. He will do what he has to do to improve his own position, power, and benefits in Congress. In addition to this little game, he has his campaign staff, one of which is the Vice-Chair of Rogers County, going around to speaking engagements of the other 5 candidates and recording everything they say. This might be good politics, but to this voter, it is unethical and shows a lack of confidence in his own message. I don’t need to know what others are saying about issues, I can make the case for my views. A good candidate should be able to make the same statement.

Bringing this to the public is painful, as I have no desire to hurt the Republican Party. My desire, or more accurately my responsibility, is to stop the corruption and turn the party back into “the party of the people”. It is up to citizens to get involved and have the courage to take whatever steps are necessary to save our nation for future generations. The only way to defeat evil is to fight it, to bring the back room deals into the light and under the table bargaining above the table. The only way to stop the party insider dealing is to get outsiders involved, outsiders who value the Constitution more than the party.

Bob Russell
Rogers County Oklahoma State Committeeman
December 27, 2011

Debt Ceiling To Be Raised Again?

The Obama administration will reportedly ask Congress later this week to raise the nation’s debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion according to a Treasury Department official.

The request is the third of three authorized by the debt ceiling agreement reached last August. The request is expected to come on December 30, the day the debt is projected to fall within $100 billion of the current $15.194 trillion ceiling. The United States also has $82 billion in interest payments due on December 30, 2011. The new request asks that the ceiling be raised to $16.39 trillion. The ceiling was raised by $400 billion when the agreement was signed and by another $900 billion last September.

According to the terms of the agreement, Congress has 15 days to pass a joint resolution disapproving of an increase, which President Obama is authorized to veto. Congress does not resume their legislative session until January 17, 2012, well beyond the 15 day limit for a Congressional disapproval vote, and a Democrat controlled Senate is almost certain to refuse to oppose the raise in the level of debt.

The new debt ceiling is expected to satisfy U.S. debts until the end of next year, according to the Treasury Department official.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
December 27, 2011

Sen. Nelson to retire – democrat majority in question

On Tuesday senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) will announce his retirement from Congress which may make it even more difficult for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to hold on to the majority he has enjoyed for so long.

Nelson’s seat was already in trouble as republicans have mounted a successful campaign for his challenger Attorney General Jim Bruning.

Senator Nelson has faced opposition from the right and left as this Facebook page solicits “$100 for Ben Nelson’s Opponent” because “he might as well be a republiken[sic].”

With low favorability ratings, the Democrats hold on the Senate was already going to be tenuous. Harry Reid’s close ties to a very unpopular President Obama are not much help for those Senators seeking re-election.

SAF, Calguns Foundation Sue California Over Firearms Statute

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Second Amendment Foundation has joined the Calguns Foundation and three California citizens in a federal lawsuit against the California Department of Justice and Attorney General Kamala Harris, challenging the state’s requirement that gun owners wait at least ten days before taking possession of an additional firearm.

The case is known as Jeff Silvester v Kamala Harris,

“We’ve joined in this lawsuit because it makes no sense for California to require a gun owner who already possesses a firearm from buying another one within a few days,” said SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “We recall what Dr. Martin Luther King said, that ‘A right delayed is a right denied.'”

“Laws that infringe on the right to purchase arms have to be more than just merely rational and must directly serve important governmental interests,” added Gene Hoffman, chairman of the Calguns Foundation. “Here, the law is not just irrational but actually contradictory. We filed this case right before Christmas in the hopes that, by next Christmas, gun owners will not suffer this continuing infringement on their right to acquire firearms.”

“The State has absolutely no reason to infringe the rights of California gun owners who already possess firearms when they buy another one,” said  attorney Jason Davis who is representing the plaintiffs.

California currently requires the registration of handguns in California.  And, beginning January 2014, it will also require the registration of all newly-purchased rifles and shotguns. Notably, California keeps a current database of all residents who are prohibited by state or federal law from owning or possessing firearms. Individual plaintiffs Jeff Silvester, Michael Poeschl, and Brandon Combs each have firearms registered with the State of California. Mr. Combs and Mr. Silvester also have firearms licenses from the State that constitute ongoing background checks.

“In just about every other state in the U.S., I as a law-abiding gun owner could walk in and, after passing an instant national background check, walk out with a firearm to defend myself in my home,” Poeschl said. “What’s really frustrating is that California is one of the very few states that forces gun owners to register all handguns that they buy. If the State’s database saying that I already lawfully own a gun isn’t proof that I don’t need a ‘cooling-off’ period, then what is?”

“I have a license to carry a loaded firearm across the State,” Silvester noted. “It is ridiculous that I have to wait another 10 days to pick up a new firearm when I’m standing there in the gun store lawfully carrying one the whole time.”

“As a collector, I submitted to a Live Scan background check and obtained a Certificate of Eligibility to Possess Firearms from the State of California at my own expense,” added Combs. “In the Internet era, where every California gun dealer has a computer connected directly to the State’s databases, there is no logical reason to force me to wait 10 days and make another trip simply because California doesn’t want to acknowledge the Certificate that it issued to me. I have registered guns, and I have the State telling me that I can possess guns, but for some reason I can’t exercise my constitutionally protected rights for another ten days? That’s insane.”

Romney's Christmas Gift To Voters: A VAT Tax

Mitt Romney gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal over the weekend, discussing his concepts on tax policy. I think the mere fact that Romney used the tactic of concealing the discussion, not just in a “Friday night news dump” way, but in a Friday-before-Christmas-news-dump, should tell the reader everything they need to know about what Romney had to say on taxes.

So, what did he say, you ask?

In typical Romney fashion, he didn’t say much. From the WSJ interview:

…it’s hard not to conclude that the candidate is trying to avoid offering any details that might become a political target. And he all but admits as much. “I happen to also recognize,” he says, “that if you go out with a tax proposal which conforms to your philosophy but it hasn’t been thoroughly analyzed, vetted, put through models and calculated in detail, that you’re gonna get hit by the demagogues in the general election.”

This is perfectly in keeping with Romney’s 59-point plan, which I broke down in this post. Not a single point of the 59-point plan could be described as “bold”, “controversial”, or “original”. It’s a plan designed to be the least-offensive to the largest number of people.

Romney’s tax proposal is equally vague and inoffensive:

“What I like—I mean, I like the simplification of a flat tax. I also like removing the distortion in our tax code for certain classes of investment. And the advantage of a flat tax is getting rid of some of those distortions.”

He says this in regard to either a consumption tax or a “true flat tax”.

In other words, he’s playing both sides of the tax debate- some people like consumption taxes, some (like me) like flat income taxation, so Romney says he likes either.

Here’s the interesting part:

He says he doesn’t “like the idea” of layering a VAT onto the current income tax system. But he adds that, philosophically speaking, a VAT might work as a replacement for some part of the tax code, “particularly at the corporate level,” as Paul Ryan proposed several years ago. What he doesn’t do is rule a VAT out.

I think it’s important to pause here and give the reader a refresher on the VAT. I hate to say this, but it’s true: The extent of the average American’s knowledge of the VAT tax can be summed up as “VAT = Europe” and “Europe = Good (for a Democrat) or Bad (for a Republican)”.

I know of no better explanation of the VAT and its dangers than this discussion with Murray Rothbard (via, and I highly encourage the reader to read the entire article):

The VAT is essentially a national sales tax, levied in proportion to the goods and services produced and sold. But its delightful concealment comes from the fact that the VAT is levied at each step of the way in the production process: on farmer, manufacturer, jobber and wholesaler, and only slightly on the retailer.

The difference is that when a consumer pays a 7 percent sales tax on every purchase, his indignation rises and he points the finger of resentment at the politicians in charge of government; but if the 7 percent tax is hidden and paid by every firm rather than just at retail, the inevitably higher prices will be charged, not to the government where it belongs, but to grasping businessmen and avaricious trade unions.

While consumers, businessmen, and unions all blame each other for inflation like Kilkenny cats, Papa government is able to preserve its lofty moral purity, and to join in denouncing all of these groups for “causing inflation.”

It is now easy to see the enthusiasm of the federal government and its economic advisers for the new scheme for a VAT. It allows the government to extract many more funds from the public — to bring about higher prices, lower production, and lower incomes —and yet totally escape the blame, which can easily be loaded on business, unions, or the consumer as the particular administration sees fit.

As you can see, it’s no surprise that VAT taxes are instruments of big socialist states.

The question, then, is whether or not Romney is proposing a VAT tax, but avoiding the conservative slings and arrows of such a proposal (by pointing out that Paul Ryan proposed a VAT at one point)?

Jim Pethokoukis believes so:

You can have a value-added tax that is economically efficient and pro-growth but does not have the transparency issues that Norquist and other small-government advocates worry about. Many flat taxers, for instance, like the 19 percent Hall-Rabushka flat tax, a plan which has served as the model for many flat tax proposals. As with the X tax, businesses under a Hall-Rabushka system would deduct cash wages from the cash flow on which they calculate the VAT.

Being a flat taxer, and one who has recommended Hall and Rabushka’s book in a previous post, I have to make a point on this subject: The VAT-like effect of their plan comes from the fact that they propose taxing business expenses, something most flat taxers (in my experience) find objectionable. This is, in fact, my principal disagreement with the Hall-Rabushka plan (and one of my several disagreements with consumption taxes of all forms)- taxing business expenses creates a barrier to entering self-employment, and a barrier to small businesses’ ability to compete against large businesses. There’s no way to make this barrier “gentler”.

By this standard, the Forbes flat tax– which includes a deduction for business expenses- is definitely preferred by the majority of flat taxers I know (though it’s possible there’s a large community of flat taxers somewhere, whom I haven’t met, and who favor taxing businesses in this fashion).

And on the subject of Paul Ryan: I like the man, but I am not a Paul Ryan cheerleader like some others, precisely because some of his proposals aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Let’s remember that, in addition to propising a European-style VAT, he recently partnered with Ron Wyden (D-OR) to craft a new Medicare proposal, which Dean Clancy aptly described as “Obamacare for Seniors“. Romney’s name-dropping effort shows that Ryan’s name recognition among Republican voters is far greater than his plan recognition.

In sum: Mitt Romneycare used Christmas weekend, when nobody reads or watches political news, to announce- in a vague and weasly way- his support of a VAT tax. And no matter how you slice it, VAT- in any form- is a bad idea.

Thanks, America! Hawaii is Great!

Whenever I see or hear of government officials vacationing on the taxpayer’s dime, I get upset.
Obama and his 3 million dollar Christmas. Ugh!
Now Pelosi and her 10K per night hotel.

Nancy (I can do it but you’d better not) Pelosi – in five days spends what MANY MANY people make IN A YEAR. Just to lay her head on a pillow in that place.
Ten Thousand Dollars. Per Day.

Maybe it’s from her private millions…I don’t care, because thanks to, I found out that: “Pelosi has been escorted by local police during her last two holiday visits to Hawaii Island at a cost of $34,000 to local taxpayers.”
Again, a year’s salary for some people.

I will use my life as a personal comparison:
I work part time to stay at home with my children.
My husband works full time, about 12 hours per day.
Pelosi spends in less than a week, just to be there, what my husband and I make together in a year.

This does not mean that I begrudge the well-to-do individual the opportunity to take their family on a fling for Christmas.
Please understand, no one has a problem with wealthy people taking vacations that they EARNED on their own dime. We all understand that they deserve to do what they will with their money. (All of us except for OWSers, that is…)

But some people in our Government don’t care that tax dollars are important to Americans. Every dollar (taken from us) counts, so when Michelle Obama takes a government plane out to Hawaii just a couple of days early … because she doesn’t want to wait for her husband… and it costs 100K to the American People, it is a little hard not to be upset at the “Let them eat cake!” attitude.

The prevalent mindset of “The government is here to serve me” is something that must be weeded out of our Congress.

Read this from
“Judicial Watch last March exposed Pelosi treating the US Air Force “like her personal airline”. FOX News March 10 pointed out: In one email (Pelosi) aide Kay King >>complained<< to the military that they had not made available any aircraft the House speaker wanted for Memorial Day recess: "It is my understanding there are NO G5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable ... The Speaker will want to know where the planes are," King wrote.

*The one-way flight from San Francisco to the Big Isle is 2400 miles, within the range of both the C-20 (Gulfstream III) and the C-37A (Gulfstream V) but only the C-37A could safely make the 4500 mile one-way trip from Washington, DC >nonstop<. Akamai readers will of course remember how Pelosi's Congress last fall >>berated<< Detroit auto executives for flying corporate jets from Detroit to Washington to appear before Congress requesting Federal bailouts.
The big three execs were forced to return to Washington a week later by car in order to get a hearing.
Not Pelosi or her ultra-rich "in-group"."

(emphasis is mine – and did you see that it was all about convenience?)

So this is what I want to know….When are you going to wake up, Americans? When are you going to stop watching American Idol and whatever else you are obsessed with … and do something to save your country – and your freedom, and vote these people out of office?

Who remembers…?
You go to Washington to SERVE the American people.
Not take advantage of them!

The Fourth Quarter Starts with Broad-based Declines in Home Prices

NEW YORK, Dec. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Data through October 2011, released today by S&P Indices for its S&P/Case-Shiller[1] Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices, showed decreases of 1.1% and 1.2% for the 10- and 20-City Composites in October vs. September. Nineteen of the 20 cities covered by the indices also saw home prices decrease over the month. The 10- and 20-City Composites posted annual returns of -3.0% and -3.4% versus October 2010, respectively. Fourteen of the 20 MSAs and both Composites saw improved annual returns compared to September’s data. Miami saw no change in annual returns in October; while Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Minneapolissaw their annual rates worsen. At -11.7% Atlanta posted the lowest annual return. Detroit and Washington DC were the only two cities to post positive annual returns of +2.5% and +1.3%, respectively.

In October 2011, the 10- and 20-City Composites recorded annual returns of -3.0% and -3.4%, respectively. Both Composites and 14 MSAs – Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington DC – saw their annual rates improve in October compared to September.

“There was weakness in the monthly statistics, as 19 of the cities posted price declines in October over September,” says David M. Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Indices. “Eleven of the cities and both composites fell by 1.0% or more during the month. And even though some of the annual rates are improving, 18 cities and both Composites are still negative. Nationally, home prices are still below where they were a year ago. The 10-City Composite is down 3.0% and the 20-City is down 3.4% compared toOctober 2010.

“In the October data, the only good news is some improvement in the annual rates of change in home prices, with 14 of 20 cities and both Composites seeing their annual rates of change improve.  The crisis low for the 10-City Composite was back in April 2009; whereas it was a more recent March 2011 for the 20-City Composite.  The 10-City Composite is about 2.4% above its relative low, and the 20-City Composite is about 1.9%.

“Atlanta and the Midwest are regions that really stand out in terms of recent relative weakness.  Atlanta was down 5.0% over the month, after having fallen by 5.9% in September. It also has the weakest annual return, down 11.7%. Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Minneapolis all posted monthly declines of 1.0% or more in October.  These markets were some of the strongest during the spring/summer buying season.  However,Detroit is the healthiest when viewed on an annual basis. It is up 2.5% versus October 2010. Atlanta,Cleveland, Detroit and Las Vegas are four markets where average prices are below their January 2000levels; and Atlanta and Las Vegas posted new lows in October.

“Some of the other housing statistics posted relatively healthy figures for November, but it seems that most of the good news was confined to the multi-family sector.  Existing home sales rose in November, but are still at a low annual rate of about 4.0 million.  Single family housing starts also rose, but remain close to record lows and are still down about 1.5% versus October 2010.”
As of October 2011, average home prices across the United States are back to the levels where they were in mid-2003. Measured from their June/July 2006 peaks through October 2011, the peak-to-current declines for the 10-City Composite and 20-City Composite are -31.9% and -32.1%, respectively. The recovery from recent lows are +2.4% and +1.9%, respectively. The 10-City Composite hit its crisis low inApril 2009, whereas the 20-City reached a more recent low in March 2011.

At +0.3%, Phoenix was the only one of the 20 MSAs that posted a positive monthly change. The 10-City and 20-City Composites were down -1.1% and -1.2%, respectively, from their September 2011 levels.

The table below summarizes the results for October 2011. The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices are revised for the 24 prior months, based on the receipt of additional source data. More than 24 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going


  October 2011 October/September September/August  
Metropolitan Area Level Change (%) Change (%) 1-Year Change (%)
Atlanta 91.21 -5.0% -5.9% -11.7%
Boston 152.70 -1.1% -0.8% -1.1%
Charlotte 112.77 -0.5% -0.3% -1.2%
Chicago 116.40 -1.8% -0.8% -4.8%
Cleveland 99.64 -1.0% -1.2% -2.4%
Dallas 115.44 -0.9% -0.6% -0.6%
Denver 125.38 -0.2% -0.7% -0.9%
Detroit 71.00 -3.3% -0.4% 2.5%
Las Vegas 92.36 -1.5% -1.4% -8.5%
Los Angeles 165.51 -1.5% -0.8% -4.9%
Miami 138.20 -1.2% -0.7% -4.0%
Minneapolis 111.27 -2.8% -1.0% -8.4%
New York 168.12 -1.2% -0.1% -2.0%
Phoenix 100.54 0.3% -0.2% -5.1%
Portland 135.44 -0.5% 0.1% -4.7%
San Diego 152.86 -0.6% -0.8% -4.5%
San Francisco 132.34 -0.7% -1.5% -4.7%
Seattle 134.22 -1.0% -1.1% -6.2%
Tampa 126.71 -0.5% -1.5% -6.1%
Washington 187.42 -0.3% 1.2% 1.3%
Composite-10 154.10 -1.1% -0.5% -3.0%
Composite-20 140.30 -1.2% -0.7% -3.4%
Source: S&P Indices and Fiserv
Data through October 2011