Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents (Part 2)

In part 1 of Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents, President Obama’s Home for the Holidays: Share Why You are Working to Re-elect President Obama campaign video that tells America’s youth to go home and convert their parents into Obama-supporters was detailed.

In part 2 of the Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents we will examine a few examples of a hypothetical holiday conversion between those “stubborn and set in their ways” old parents, their live-in Grandmother, and Tommy’s new generation of hope and change operatives that President Obama has asked to convert them into Obama-supporters.

Part 2: Tommy Attempts to Convert the Family into Obama-Supporters at Christmas Dinner.

Background: Tommy graduated with a Liberal Arts degree back in 2007, yet hasn’t had a job in four years, other than a recent 3-day stint as an Occupy Wall Street protester, where his $5000.00 dollar laptop, his blackberry, his PSP2, and his North Slope ski jacket were stolen. He lives at home with Mom, Dad, and his Grandmother, a retired Nurse. They sat down to Christmas dinner and Tommy steered the conversation towards the 2012 elections, just as Barack Obama’s video suggested. The following is the hypothetical Christmas dinner conversation between Tommy and his family.

After some idle chit-chat, the Christmas dinner talk turned towards politics when Tommy state, “President Obama has given us wonderful things during his Presidency, such as Healthcare reform, ending the war in Iraq, and repealing the Don’t as Don’t Tell ban on gays serving openly in the military. President Obama also killed the terrorist al-Awlaki. He is my generation’s President, and everyone in this house should open their eyes to his great achievements during the past three years, and vote to reelect him in 2012.” As all heads turned towards Tommy, his father replied:

“I,m very glad that you brought up the 2012 elections and President Obama’s accomplishments Tommy, because your Mother and I were just planning our 2012 household budget recently, and we have decided to make a few changes here at home in the coming new year. Change you can believe in, as they say. Change number one for this household in 2012 will be as follows: During the last three years [Of Obama’s term as President] our electric bill has increased by $72.00 a month here in Florida, so there will have to be some serious limitations put on your basement living quarter’s allotments of daily electricity. We have installed a new green energy approved electric meter for the basement area in which the amount of time spent on the computer and video gaming will be cut back to a maximum of 2 hours daily. If President Obama continues to wage his war on domestic energy production here in America, there could be more cutbacks on your personal electricity usage in 2012. Use your time wisely. Change number two: With the Obama-care law that says we have to keep you on our health insurance policy until you reach the age of 26, coupled with the huge increases in our healthcare premiums due to the passage of Obama-care, we will have to cancel your car insurance payments to help offset the cost of your healthcare premiums. You see Tommy, we are not like President Obama and the U.S treasury in that we can’t just print more money to pay our bills, because we have to earn our money and spend it wisely to ensure our future survival. If you ask Granny cranky-pants nice enough, maybe she will let you borrow her 1973 Chevette to do your Obama-organizing errands. How about it Granny?”

To which Granny replied: “Well, I,m sure Tommy and I can work something out to let him borrow my Chevette from time to time, because I too have been going over my 2012 fixed-income budget, and have decided that I will have to cut back on certain spending habits if I am to afford the latest Medicare premium increases Obama and the Congress recently announced. My first change will be to downgrade the internet conection I have been needlessly paying for in this house for the last 4 years. I found a deal where I can get basic internet for only $14.99 a month. I asked the lady at the cable company just what is this high-speed internet connection that I am paying $59.99 a month for and why do I need it just to check my emails a few times a month? Turns out she informed that I do not need high-sped internet, as I do not watch movies, play games or pass around reelect Barack Obama videos. Starting Jan 1st, we will have basic internet service which will save me $45.00 a month. Even though Betsy, (my 1973 Chevette) gets 32 miles per gallon, with the sky high prices of gasoline expected to skyrocket again in 2012 thanks to Obama’s anti-U.S. Domestic Energy production policies, I have been struggling just to afford enough gas to get to my monthly doctor’s appointments and church. That $45 dollar a month savings will ensure that I can get to my doctor’s appointments when Obama delivers those skyrocketing energy prices he has promised everyone.”

With all eyes on Tommy, the Christmas dinner table fell eerily quiet as Mom, Dad and Grandma awaited Tommie’s reply. After a few moments of contemplation, Tommy announced: “This is not how a Democracy works and my voice will be heard in this house. I have rights. I am going down to my basement apartment and report this conversation to the OWS General Assembly, after which I will offer up my counter proposals to these unfair Right Wing home budget cuts you all want to impose on me in 2012.”

Mom spoke up for the first time during this Christmas dinner table discussion, as Tommy was sure she would see the Obama-light and take his side in this debate. “Well Tommy, what your Father and Grandma have said here are all based on the simple facts of life. The fact is, a family can not live beyond it’s means if it wants to ensure a safe, secure, and comfortable future. To do this families must tighten their belts in troubled economic times. With the cost of gasoline, food, electricity and everyday necessities skyrocketing today, we must make tough, sensible budget decisions to ensure that we can pay our mortgage to ensure we all have a roof over our heads in 2012 and beyond. Money doesn’t grow on trees Tommy, it has to be earned and spent wisely. Due to the current state of the economy and the price of everything increasing despite the Obama administration telling everyone their is no inflation since he took office, I have decided to go back to work in order to help keep us afloat. As I will not be home 24/7 to do such things as family laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping,taking care of our dogs, etc. I am working on making some household changes of my own in 2012. We will discuss these changes over New Years dinner, when your brother Grover, the CPA will be joining us to make final plans for our 2012 household budget.”

As Tommy scowled and threw his napkin onto his dinner plate and got up to leave, his father added: “While we all look forward to hearing your OWS-inspired counter-demands Tommy, keep this in mind. This country is a Republic, not a Democracy. When it comes to spending the members of this household’s hard-earned money and keeping our household budget in line, the only votes that will count will be the ones that come from the folks paying the bills around here. We do not have the luxury of spending other people’s hard-earned money and borrowing trillions of dollars on the taxpayer’s bank account to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We look forward to hearing what you have to say at the New Years dinner table, where your brother Grover will unveil our new 2012 household budget for all to see.”

In Part 3, Tommy delivers his counter-proposals to the 2012 family household budget plans, his CPA-brother Grover tightens the household budget even further, and Granny chimes in with some shocking revelations about the effects of Obama-care on her personal well-being.

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