A Difference of Definition

 Have you noticed the difference in the definitions used by Washington D.C. and those that are found in the dictionary?


[kom-pruh-mahyz]  Show IPA noun,verb, -mised, -mis·ing.



a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; anagreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposingclaims, principles, etc., by reciprocal  modification of demands.

From this viewpoint, there are two different definitions coming out of D.C. Let’s take a look at these two definitions.

Compromise according to Republicans– To hold out until the last minute then buckle to the wants and demands of the Democrat Party; To lose the spine you once spoke of on the campaign trail when you promised to fight for America.

Compromise according to Democrats– The act of waiting long enough on issues that the Republicans give in to your demands and holding daily news conferences demonizing Republicans.

We have seen multiple examples of these definitions play out over the past year or so.  A couple such examples are the federal shutdown can they continue to kick down the road little by little, and the recent payroll tax extension. The Republican Party has played right into the hands of the Democrat Party each time and let the liberals hold our nation hostage. They’ve allowed the Democrats to threaten the American people with suspension of the Medicare benefits for the elderly, increased taxes and even the suspension of pay for our fighting men and women, all while the pay of Congress was insured.

The “compromise” the Republicans have demonstrated on such issues has been nothing but embarrassing to Conservative Republicans of this great nation. With their actions, they have proven they too must be voted out and replaced with someone that is willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Their constituents hired them to do a job and they are not performing up to standards.

The time is pass due for We the American People to hand everybody in Congress and the President their pink slips and send them packing. Our nation fought the Revolutionary War to end tyranny and to free the people of this great nation. The first Revolution our patriots fought with guns, swords and cannons. Today’s revolution will be fought with votes at the ballot box. As the old saying goes:

 “ The pen is mightier than the sword.”

We must make our mark in history with our pens in November 2012. We patriots do not have an official war cry, but for now, “Remember the Constitution” sounds quite fitting!


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.
-Benjamin Wallace

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