Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents (Part 1)

I need votes in 2012 ! Now go home for the holidays and convert your parents into Obama-supporters kids!

President Obama and his campaign managers showed how desperate they are to retain the White House in 2013 by releasing a video that was based on having children convert their parents and other family members into Obama voters over the holidays. The Josef Goebbels-like title of said video? Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama. How many of those young adults seen in the above video are on the taxpayer-funded payroll there? Are they earning a living with paychecks signed by the DNC, Obama2012, or maybe big money manipulator George Soros?

I see one of the youngsters in the reelect Obama campaign video stating that Obama is their President, and that he believes that Barack Obama represents “their generation” Let’s take a look at just how well Obama is representing “their generation” shall we?

Of course any discussion about how well President Obama is doing after three years in office must start with the National Debt Clock that shows us as having $15.16 Trillion dollars of debt as of right now. Does the “Obama-generation” not understand what that amount of U.S. debt will do to their future?

Millions of uninformed youth are discovering that after three years of hope and change in America, there are no jobs for many college graduates that are now strapped with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. College graduates are now discovering that due the the prolonged Obama-led recession by job-killing policies like denying the building of the Keystone pipeline, the enforcing of a drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, $700 billion dollars worth of Union payoffs and graft known as the stimulus package, and the ever-popular pumping of billions of taxpayers dollars into such failed green energy projects as the Chevy Volt, these Obama-generation uninformed minions are left with very few employment options in the near future. What is the solution? How about having them stay at home with Mommy and Daddy until they are , oh say, 27 years old? While we are at it, let’s mandate that the parents pay for their health insurance through Obama-care. With so much time at home with Mommy and Daddy paying their way in life, this will give all of these Obama-workers (without real jobs that earn a paycheck) plenty of time to convert Mommy, Daddy and cranky old Grandma into Obama-voters. Be careful kids, because with all of those attempted hope and change conversions, there will certainly come a big heaping helping of reality. End Part1.

In part 2 of the Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents we will examine a few examples of a hypothetical holiday conversation between those “stubborn and set in their ways” old parents and the new generation of hope and change operatives. Part 2: Tommy Attempts to Convert the Family into Obama-Supporters at Christmas Dinner.

Next: Part II

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