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Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Final Test On 30,000 Human Volunteers

The world’s largest coronavirus vaccine trial began Monday with the first of 30,000 American volunteers receiving shots developed by the U.S. government and a private drug company to boost auto-immune responses to COVID-19, the Associated Press reported. The goal of trial, administered by the National Institutes of Health, is to determine how effective pharmaceutical company Moderna‘s experimental vaccine is at producing an immune response ...

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Russian Hackers Target Organizations Developing Covid -19 Vaccine

A scientist preparing samples during research and development trials for a vaccine against the coronavirus at a laboratory in Saint Petersburg, Russia, last month.Credit…Anton Vaganov/Reuters Security in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom have warned of “Russian intelligence services” of trying to hack organizations trying to develop Covid-19 vaccine.  It is unknown if any information has been stolen or ...

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‘This Is Good News’: Moderna Reports ‘Robust’ Results In Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Pharmaceutical company Moderna said Tuesday it will begin a new phase of testing for its coronavirus vaccine later this month after all patients who took part in an initial trial showed “robust” responses to the drug. According to Moderna, all 45 volunteers in the study developed “rapid and strong immune responses” when administered the vaccine, with none of the participants ...

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US Approves Two Coronavirus Vaccines For Fast-Track Testing, 100 Million Doses To Be Produced By End Of Year

The federal government granted a fast-track designation to two potential coronavirus vaccines, opening up the possibility for large-scale testing this month, according to the drugs’ manufacturers. American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and European partner BioNTech announced the designation in a press release Monday. A fast track designation is a process designed to expedite the development of important drugs, according to the ...

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Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Bolstered Immune Response In Trials

A coronavirus vaccine spearheaded by Pfizer and BioNTech bolstered immune response to the virus in some, but in others — especially in large doses — the experimental drug caused fevers and other side effects, a study released Wednesday by Pfizer revealed. Researchers reported “moderate increases” in immune response to the COVID-19 pathogen in those that received low and medium doses ...

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A Disgraceful & Deceiving Headline from FOX News

I can’t say that I am completely surprised. Since Roger Ailes was unceremoniously dismissed from NewsCorp leadership – and since the Murdock boys have taken over the reins – FOX news has transformed from “we report, you decide” to “we’ll provide the sensationalist headlines, our sponsors will enjoy the clicks.” The headline that stands in stark example today is this: ...

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