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Contrary to world reports, CDC insists that vaccine boosters needed

In the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports that COVID vaccines, and specifically booster shots, are ineffective against Omicron.

One study out of Israel found that booster shots did not provide a significant antibody boost to prevent Omicron. Israeli researchers behind the study say that the booster shots do not work to provide COVID immunity and that Omicron can break through the vaccines and still infect those who receive them.

The CDC studies released cite that vaccine boosters enhance immunity only after 3 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While normally one could say this is due to the vaccine’s effectiveness, the studies are misleading.

According to The Associated Press reports, the studies that were released looked at details only from the Delta wave to this current point of time. Delta was a much more severe strain of COVID than Omicron, causing significant sickness and death. Booster shots were available before the Delta wave as well.

But when that data is pooled together, it makes it appear that the less severe wave, Omicron, is actually being deterred by the vaccines. To truly give research data into Omicron, the data would have focused on those who received boosters between Delta and Omicron and those who did not.

Both studies that suggested the vaccines were published by the CDC, who has proven to be a political group used to help promote the COVID narrative. The CDC has altered and changed rules multiple times based on political pressure, not science as they claim.

The group has said that those who are sick with COVID should remain at home, but they allow healthcare workers who are sick to return to work with active COVID infection. The group has also suggested that 4 or 5 booster shots may be needed during the COVID pandemic, after initially saying that 2 shots should address and end the pandemic.

The data on vaccines have shown that in some instances it may prevent severe illness, but it will not prevent infection. Many Americans who have been vaccinated with 3 doses of the vaccine continue to test positive across the country.

The data also shows risks associated with the vaccine, with numerous adverse reactions and deaths being attributed to the vaccine.

The White House has insisted that after being dealt a defeat in their attempts to mandate vaccines on Americans, they would evaluate other options to pressure Americans into taking the vaccines and boosters. Could this be just another example of government propaganda?

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  1. Why doesn’t anyone ask Pzier CEO Bourla to guesstimate the truckload of money anticipated in each Covid booster release? This is a classic case of “follow the money”!

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