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Judge Allows Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Lawsuit Against WaPo To Move Forward

A federal judge reversed his ruling Monday and announced that the family of Kentucky teenager Nick Sandmann can sue The Washington Post for libel over its coverage of the teenager. Sandmann’s family sued WaPo in February, writing that the publication allegedly “target and bullied” the teenager after an incident involving a Native American activist at the Lincoln Memorial in January. ...

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WaPo Asks For Sandmann’s Lawsuit Against Them to be Thrown Out

Washington Post parody logo

The Washington Post asked a federal court Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann in February. Several Covington Catholic boys, including Sandmann, were caught in a viral encounter with American Indian activist Nathan Phillips in January. An initial video made it appear like the boys donning Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats were ...

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Lawyer For Nicholas Sandmann Says Not One Media Outlet Apologized For Getting The Facts Wrong

Todd McMurtry, attorney for Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann, said major media outlets have yet to apologize for besmirching his client’s name in the public sphere. “First off, we think that people that went with the initial unsourced video which had gone viral. — they did so without any reasonable reporting,” McMurtry said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “Some ...

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CNN Sued for $275 Million over Fake News

One of the lawyers representing Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandman has filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN for distributing and failing to correct fake news stories about Nick. “We just filed the lawsuit today in the Federal District Court in Kentucky, the eastern district. And as you said earlier, it is a significant lawsuit seeking $75 million ...

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CNN will be Sued for HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars for Publishing Fake News

CNN Media Bias Logo

The lawyer representing a Covington Catholic student who was falsely accused of racism said that he intends to sue CNN next week for hundreds of millions of dollars. Nicholas Sandman was portrayed by multiple news outlets, media personalities and social media influencers as having verbally attacked a Native American and a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. Now, his lawyer plans ...

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CovCath Student Nicholas Sandmann Sues WaPo For $250 Million

Covington Catholic high school student Nicholas Sandmann is suing The Washington Post over its coverage of a January incident involving himself and Native American protester Nathan Phillips. Attorneys for Sandmann filed the lawsuit Tuesday, accusing the Washington newspaper of engaging in a “modern-day form of McCarthyism.” The lawsuit also blames CNN and NBC, “among others,” for taking part in the ...

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Ilhan Omar Continues To Victim Blame The Covington Catholic Kids

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was confronted over her attacks and libelous smears against the Covington Catholic kids and she doubled down on her lies about the kids as Nick Sandmann’s lawyers notify her and many others of an incoming libel lawsuit they will face. She said, “The message I would have for them is in life there are consequences for the ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Prepares to sue 54 Smear Merchants

Lawyers for Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann are preparing to bring massive libel lawsuits against various celebrities, media outlets, and “journalists” for their vicious smearing and threats made against Covington Catholic students with Nick Sandmann at the center of the controversy. They used a 30 second out of context video to label the Covington Catholic students as the new Hitler ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Attorney Will File ‘a Multitude’ of Lawsuits Over Threats, Smears, and False Accusations

Lucian Lincoln Wood a famous libel attorney who rose to prominence representing Richard Jewell the security guard falsely accused of orchestrating the Atlanta Olympics Bombing of 1996, is representing Nick Sandmann, the famous smiling boy from Covington Catholic High School. Wood has vowed to unleash a “multitude of civil lawsuits” against those who made “false accusations and threats” against the ...

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Fake News Speaks With Forked Tongue – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Fake News speaks with forked tongue. A group of Catholic high school kids from Kentucky participated in the “March For Life” last weekend. They were waiting for their bus to pick them up at the Lincoln Memorial. They wore red “MAGA” caps. An older Indian gentleman happened to show up and he was beating on a drum. He walked right ...

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