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Elizabeth Warren: It’s ‘Terrible For Israel’ That The Nation-State Has Aligned With Trump

Presidential hopeful and Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren stated on Wednesday that she is concerned that Israel has been so supportive of President Donald Trump and the Republican party. “Yes, yes,” Warren responded to host Pod Save America’s Tommy Vietor when asked if she was worried that such a close ally has aligned with the GOP. WATCH: "Does it worry you that ...

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Since 2016: Democrats Have Increasingly Abandoned Israel

By Tim Nerozzi A growing number of Democrats are seeking to end America’s close relationship with Israel. Freshmen congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has referred to Israel as an “ apartheid regime.” Another first-term congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has called to lead special trips to Palestine. Their views reflect a movement away from the Democratic party’s long support for Israel, or ...

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Ocasio-Cortez Claims Her Comments On Israel Were Doctored — They Were Not

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed on Monday that comments she made in July regarding the Israeli “occupation of Palestine” were doctored and circulated in the media. “The ‘Firing Line’ [interview got] doctored and then the doctored video was the one that ended up on Fox News, and then, like, everyone just sees the doctored version instead of the ...

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Israel Defense Forces Troll Iran On Twitter After Dropping Bombs On Iranian Targets In Syria

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) took to Twitter Monday to take a jab at Iran’s presence in Syria after it carried out a strike against Iranian targets in the region, which Israel claims was in response to an Iranian rocket fired at the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. The IDF’s official Twitter account posted a picture of a map of the Middle ...

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Israel Holding Early Elections As Bribery Allegations Engulf Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, struggling to keep his majority together and fighting off corruption allegations, has decided to dramatically shorten the timetable for his country’s elections. Netanyahu and other coalition leaders opted Monday to hold a general election in April 2019 — an election that was originally set for November 2019. Their decision comes as the attorney general is ...

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Israel Begins Effort to Counter Lebanese Hezbollah Tunnels

Israeli defense forces have begun an effort to counter tunnels dug in Northern Israel by the Lebanese Hezbollah group, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis told reporters traveling with him to Ottawa, Canada. The secretary is scheduled to participate in what he described as a small-group meeting in Ottawa to discuss defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Israel is ...

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Another Democrat Rep.-Elect Comes Out In Favor Of Anti-Israel Legislation After They Are Elected To Congress

Democratic Rep.-elect Rashida Tlaib of Michigan revealed for the first time publicly that she supports a growing anti-Israel movement, however, she remained silent on the issue until weeks after she was elected to congress. Tlaib expressed her support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which seeks to punish the nation-state of Israel by economically starving the country for ...

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Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

With so much that must be done at home in the United States, why does America send so much of its resources to Israel? It’s a fair question, but according to U.S. Gen Chuck Wald, America doesn’t spend enough on Israel. Transcript Why do we spend so much money on Israel? Over my decades of military service, as the Deputy ...

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FACT CHECK: Does Airbnb ‘Blacklist’ Israeli Apartments In The West Bank While Still Doing Business In Other Disputed Regions?

Michael Oren, a deputy minister in the Israeli prime minister’s office and the former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., claimed on Twitter that the property rental company Airbnb “blacklists” Israeli apartments in the West Bank, while continuing to allow listings in other disputed territories. Airbnb blacklists Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria – not Palestinian apartments, not apartments in Turkish occupied ...

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Fragile Truce In Gaza Breaks As Palestinian Militants Fire Rockets At Israel

  by Will Racke Palestinian fighters launched at least two rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel on Saturday, the Israeli military announced, breaking a de-facto truce that both sides had been observing since a heavy exchange of fire in late May. Residents in southern Israel reported hearing explosions shortly after warning sirens activated, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. One of ...

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Hamas Attacks Israel Over Jerusalem! Media Supports Terrorists!

Recently distinguished law professor Alan Dershowitz published an article on The Hill on the recent attacks by Palestine on Jerusalem. He stated: If this were the first time that Hamas deliberately provoked Israel into self-defense actions that resulted in the unintended deaths of Gaza civilians, the media could be excused for playing into the hands of Hamas. The most recent ...

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Israel Murdered Innocent Palestinians Like Poland Attacked Nazi Germany

The liberal press in the 1930s dutifully reported that the peaceful nation of Hitler’s Germany was violently attacked by the vicious state of Poland (whose military was armed with swords, bolt-action rifles and moved about on horses in cavalry formations at the time) and Adolph Hitler was, of course, forced to retaliate in response to this dastardly and unprovoked attack ...

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Gaza rioter: Hamas uses women and children as human shields, pushes us to riot

Israeli Defense Forces posted a video showing one of the Hamas-incited Gazan rioters telling cameras that Hamas pressures them to attack Israel and that the terrorist organization pushes women and children to the front of riots as human shields. The comments support the Trump administration’s assertions that Hamas is to blame for the violence and ultimately the casualties coming from ...

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AJC: Hamas uses women and children, seeks casualties

AJC Chief Executive Officer David Harris issued the following statement on the Gaza situation: We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel at this difficult time on the Gaza border. There should be total clarity. The latest round of violence was triggered by Hamas, a terrorist organization as designated by both the United States and European Union, whose charter and rhetoric are nothing less than genocidal in their stated aims regarding Israel and the Jewish ...

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