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‘I Fear The Lone Wolf Attacks’: Hamas Attack Survivor Says She Still Feels Safer In Israel Over US

A woman who survived a deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas said Monday she feels safer in Israel due to the threat of “lone wolf” attacks in the United States.

Natalie Sanandaji survived the radical Islamic terrorist group’s attack on a music festival Oct. 7, one of multiple locations struck that day. Hamas killed over 1,400 people, including at least 30 Americans during the attack.

“To come back to New York that’s been my home my entire life and to see all these protests and to see people calling for genocide of the Jews, and to see so many misinformed people in the streets thinking Hamas is for the Palestinian people, Hamas’ agenda is to free Palestine, it makes me sad and scared,” Sanandaji told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.


At one protest in support of Palestine, attendees chanted a slogan that has connotations of wiping out Israel after a Cornell University professor called the attacks “exhilarating.” Other demonstrations saw the protesters make statements like “resistance is justified.”

“For a long time, a lot of Jews called the U.S. their home. But recently, I fear the lone wolf attacks that are happening here,” Sanandaji said. “I did go through a very serious trauma and attack in Israel, but I feel more protected in Israel than I feel here at the moment. I don’t feel enough people are taking these protests and these lone wolf attacks seriously.”

United States Customs and Border Protection’s San Diego Field Office Intelligence Division sent out a memo Friday, warning that Hamas and other radical Islamic terrorist groups could enter the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

“It’s unfortunate that a lot of people just believe whatever they read online. For example, after the headline that the IDF had sent that rocket towards the hospital in Gaza and all these news channels automatically broadcasted that,” Sanandaji said. “Everyone saw how many protests broke out against Israel. Once some of them corrected themselves and stated that it was the Islamic Jihad that sent that rocket, I didn’t see any protests against Islamic Jihad.”

“I have seen a lot of patterns that we saw before the holocaust,” Sanandaji added. “Part of what happened before the holocaust was a lot of fake news and propaganda against the Jews. I am seeing that today as well.”

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