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Open Source Intel Shows Gaza Hospital Not Blown Up by… Anyone

After more than 24 hours of mainstream media claiming that Israel bombed a hospital and the IDF claiming that Palestinian militants blew it up, open source intelligence (OSINT) shows that nobody actually blew up any hospitals in Gaza yesterday.

Immediately after firing a barrage of rockets toward Israel from a cemetery near the Ahli Hospital, an explosion occurred in the area of the facility. Hamas, and the mainstream media, immediately claimed that upwards of 500 civilians including doctors and children had been killed and that it was an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) air strike that destroyed the building.

The sun came up and people did what they do – they took cell phone video of anything of interest and posted it to the internet. This is one source of OSINT.

Internet sleuths immediately started scooping up images, video, geolocation data, and anything else they could to determine who had blown up the hospital – and that’s where Hamas’ narratives went off the rails.

You see, not only did no one blow up the hospital, but the explosion that destroyed vehicles in the parking lot is inconsistent with an airstrike. If this had been an IDF strike, there would be a smoking hole in the ground – not just a few damaged vehicles.

The damaged parking lot evidence points more to part of a defective munition landing on an unintended target. Which describes a good portion of Hamas and Hezbollah rocket launches. The rockets are very unreliable and not very accurate. It is reported that 30-40% of Hamas’ rockets fail in some way or another with many landing in their own territory.

So the hospital did not get blown up and some report the casualty count to be nearer to 50 than the 500 dead claimed by Hamas. Most of these were likely Gazans seeking refuge on the grass near the parking lot and those hit by flying glass inside the hospital.

When the media tries to be first and does so by taking the word of an internationally recognized terrorist organization, it beclowns itself. Even worse when a sitting member of Congress does it.

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