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Justice Clarence Thomas Has ‘No Idea’ Where Retirement Rumors Are Coming From”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said Monday he has no idea why rumors about his retirement have circulated in recent months. Speaking with private equity tycoon David Rubenstein before the Supreme Court Historical Society, Thomas seemed to say that speculation as to his possible departure is meritless. Some court-watchers have wondered if Thomas, 70, might like to retire under President ...

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Clarence Thomas Speaks Out On Amy Coney Barrett, ‘Dogma’ Charge

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a friendly audience in California that religious belief does not compromise the work of the courts, and lamented that religion featured in a 2017 judicial confirmation. Speaking on April 4 at Pepperdine University School of Law’s annual banquet, Thomas was asked whether it is ever legitimate to consider a candidate’s religious views during the ...

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Some Think Clarence Thomas Might Retire Soon, But He Does Not

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas denied any interest in retirement this weekend, telling a friendly audience in Beverly Hills, California that he has no plans to leave judicial service in the near future. Speaking at Pepperdine University School of Law’s annual dinner, the 70-year-old Thomas emphatically denied speculation that he will leave the Supreme Court, amid speculation that he may ...

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When Clarence Thomas Speaks

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did something extraordinary on Wednesday. He spoke. Appearing before the Supreme Court is rather like meeting your spouse’s family for the first time — the questions are relentless, probing, and impolite. One hundred questions over the course of an hour-long argument is typical. Attorneys arguing cases can expect an interruption from a justice just moments ...

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Clarence Thomas Clerks Dominate Trump’s Judicial Appointments

President Donald Trump has tapped seven of Justice Clarence Thomas’s former clerks for appeals court nominations since taking office. An eighth former Thomas clerk, Neomi Rao, will likely be confirmed in the near future. The justice actively mentors his closely knit network of acolytes.  One credential, in particular, has been a boon to candidates President Donald Trump considers for judicial ...

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Supreme Court Rejects Gun Rights Case

US Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a California case related to citizen’s rights to carry a gun outside their home. In Edward Peruta, Et Al v. California, Et Al, the plaintiff complains that the San Diego County Sheriff is unjustly infringing upon his right to carry a firearm for self-defense outside of his home. California State Law prohibits ...

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Speaking of Racism, Let’s Talk About the Congressional Black Caucus

Recently another racist, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), began yapping about the “Stars and Bars”, a Confederate battle flag, being “offensive” to “African-Americans” and many more “fair-minded Americans”. Well, la di da, the terms “African-American” and “fair-minded Americans” offend me!!!!! I am offended by those who hyphenate themselves as though ancestry means more than citizen status of this ...

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Dear Janeane Garafalo: Not Again!

Well I see you’re at it again.  It wasn’t good enough for you to insult the intelligence of Black Americans by suggesting that those of us who hold conservative values are brainwashed.  It wasn’t enough for you to degrade our cognitive abilities by accusing SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because of his Tea Party affiliations.  ...

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What’s In A Name?

  Education is on the list of topics to cover by every politician hitting the campaign trail. It’s one of those topics we hear more ideas and theories about than actual solutions that are effective. Some say we need to coddle the students, others believe all students should attend a boot camp style school, and then there are many other ...

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An Open Letter to Virginia Thomas

While I sympathize with Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, on her attempt to get Anita Hill to apologize, I don’t think Virginia took the right track with Hill. Let’s assume for a moment that Thomas actually succeeded in persuading Hill to utter an “I’m sorry” to her. Sounds nice, doesn’t it Virginia! Too bad it couldn’t ...

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