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Fox News Guest Points Out Parallel Between Clarence Thomas And Brett Kavanaugh But It’s Not What You Think


by Nick Givas

A senior fellow at a free-market think tank said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh shares a major similarity with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and it has nothing to do with sexual misconduct.

Jason Riley of the Manhattan Institute said both Kavanaugh and Thomas were targeted by congressional Democrats for their views on abortion and ended up paying the price by having their names dragged through the mud.

“This is all about delaying a vote until we can hold the midterm elections and see if they can win back the Senate and vote down through confirmation,” Riley said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “This is not about finding out the truth. The truth is a secondary concern at best for Democrats.”

Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of groping her during a party in high school and she claimed he tried to drunkenly remove her clothing by force.

“[Anita] Hill was Clarence Thomas’ sole accuser. To this day no one else has come out with similar allegations,” Riley continued. “Many parallels — abortion was the overriding concern of the hearings before the sexual harassment claims surfaced against Hill. So there are all kinds of parallels here to what was going on back then. And truth, what actually occurred, was a secondary concern.”

Riley said Senate Democrats should have discussed this issue in their closed-door meetings with Kavanaugh, instead of ambushing him to score political points for the upcoming midterm elections.

“They could have discussed it with Kavanaugh in their private meetings, they could have aired this or they could have done this under oath when he was testifying during the hearings. They didn’t do that,” he said.

“They sat on the information because I believe they were waiting for the best moment to drop it and do the most political damage. I think this was a calculated effort,” Riley added.

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One Comment

  1. Psychology has a term called “projection”; where a mind assumes the actions, motivations, intent of others is based on what they themselves would do or has done.

    There are pre dispositions toward a mental state by whatever cause or circumstance of life – we all suffer alike in a general sense – and there are components of our human nature that are nurtured toward any given predisposition while others remain more or less “under developed”.

    It is those who realize they are individually responsible for their own actions that tend toward Americanism and rugged individualism. Conversely there are those who believe their failures and short comings are the fault of anyone or anything else other than themselves and they lend toward Socialism. The majority of the left is made up of the latter. The idea of collectivism is an easy sell to those who “need” to blame anyone but themselves.

    With these two thoughts in mind it is clear that Democrats KNOW they are capable of doing what Ford is accusing of Brett Kavanaugh. That knowing is all the proof they need! It supersedes the Truth because it is THEIR truth which, of course, could just never be WRONG!

    We on the right can justly wonder about the possible collusion between Feinstein and Ford – both of whom appear to be of the same ilk as described above. But can we say we believe such collusion to be true without proof? We continue to believe in the wisdom of; the burden of proof is with the accuser, and that, until proven guilty, the accused remains innocent – that; assumptions are SUMMARILY UN-JUST!!!

    The Senate, by all that is right, should dismiss this accusation for what it is – Politics. Politics does not belong in the Supreme Court. If Ford / Feinstein did not find it expedient to bring charges at the point when it was first made relevant to either of them, then it is what? How you say? A big NOTHING Burger!

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