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The Humorous Secrets to Cooking Juicy Chicken [video]

Cooking a juicy chicken breast

I admit that I suck at cooking so seeing this video on how to cook juicy chicken breasts got my attention. I try. Really I do. And, I can make edible things that, so far, have killed zero people who have eaten them (that I know about.) I was looking for a little help for my oft under/over cooked chicken ...

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Miranda Lambert tops CMA 2017 nominations list

Miranda Lambert CMA 2017 nomination

The 2017 Country Music Awards nominee list has been released and it should be no surprise that Miranda Lambert is on top with 5 nominations. Lambert is up for Song of the Year and Single of the Year for “Tin Man,” Video of the Year for “Vice,” and Album of the Year for The Weight of These Wings. Miranda is ...

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Miranda Lambert – Vice [video]

Miranda Lambert - Vice - video

Miranda Lambert topped the charts with “Vice” from her Weight of These Wings album and now this video has been nominated for Video of the Year at the 2017 Country Music Awards.

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Coldplay performs special song for Houston [video]

Coldplay performs Houston #1 in Miama

Coldplay wrote a song for Houston called “Houston #1” during the tragic flooding that Hurricane Harvey caused. The band had been scheduled to perform a concert in Houston on Friday, August 25th, but was forced to cancel because of the storm. The song was performed at their Miami appearance on the 28th and they said it would be a one-shot ...

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Finale [Preview]

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale [trailer]

“There’s only one war that matters. And it is here.” The season 7 finale airs Sunday, August 27, 2017, at 9 pm and will be a feature film-length 81 minutes long. Season 8 is the final season and will only have 6 episodes. But, they are all expected to be almost 1.5 hours each.

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We Trained Kung Fu Like Iron Fist For A Month (Marvel’s Defenders) [video]

We Trained Kung Fu Like Iron Fist For A Month

Youtubers Michelle Khare and Jordan Shalhoub put together a great Kung Fu fight scene that furthers the fight against those who want to plant a YouTube virus… or something. But first, they have to train like Iron Fist from Marvel’s “Defenders.” Who doesn’t like a good Kung Fu fight scene? Watch until the end for the next chapter of the story ...

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This legendary part of 80’s music was an accident – and it’s back

Where gated reverb came from in 80's music

That sound. That unforgettable drum sound that showed up in iconic 80’s hits like “In the Air Tonight” was an accident. Over the past few years, a general nostalgia for the 1980s has infiltrated music, film, and television. Those gated reverb drums of the ’80s – you know that punchy percussive sound popularized by Phil Collins and Prince? “Earworm” spoke ...

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