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12 Wildly Overlooked Places To Meet Eligible Conservative Men At The Holidays

Ladies, if “a single, Conservative, good man” is at the top of your wish list this holiday season, you’re not alone.  Plenty of women are in your same snow boots– eager to meet eligible single men who are unapologetically Conservative and looking to couple-up too.  And although it may seem as if it is impossible to find this kind of man among the slim pickings available today, many are simply hiding in plain sight.

Moving beyond the bars and online dating services, I’ve listed twelve everyday places below where you might just find your Conservative Mr. Right:

  1. Home & Garden Centers — Whether picking up a Christmas tree or a needed tool to properly secure the holiday decorations from falling off the roof, plenty of Conservative single men are quite handy, own homes, and are preparing for the upcoming cold and festive winter season.
  2. Thrift Centers and Garbage Dumps — Like us, these men are “cleaning out” and “making room” for the haul that they, unquestionably, expect at Christmas-time. Either that or they are finally just tired of the mess piling up in the center of the room for lack of another place to go. (Also, like us)
  3. Underneath Your Own Sink — Plenty of Conservative single men are the very same professionals that dethaw your frozen pipes and make sure that your walk is cleared. So don’t dismiss the regular Joe who delivers your oil before taking a second look.  He may just be “your Joe” in disguise.  
  4. With His Sister’s Kids — Family-oriented by nature, plenty of eligible, fun uncles arrange to take their nieces and nephews off their siblings’ hands for a bit of play time while mom and dad shop. The gifts, for everyone, ultimately end up being better that way.
  5. At Church — God’s presence isn’t lost on Conservative single men, including those eager to find love themselves.  He might just be praying for you to “hurry-up and join him already.”
  6. At The Pistol Range — Target practice is a de-stressor as much as it is enjoyable.  So if you have always wanted to learn to shoot, now might be a great time to begin.  The two of you can destress together over a couple of barrels and even more holes.
  7. At The Pet Shop — In love with their dogs, plenty of Conservative single pet owners will be treating Fido to gifts of his own, not to mention bathing and nail-trimming services.  
  8. Feeding The Hungry — Helping out the “less fortunate” tends to be part of these men’s personalities.  So if you are looking for a big-hearted, Conservative single guy, look no further than the local soup kitchen.  His big heart may be yours someday. 
  9. At The Barber — Going home for the holidays always includes a good cut and shave as dad will definitely say something if minimal grooming is forgotten at Christmas.
  10. Holiday Festivals — Finding something unique that mom would love calls plenty of Conservative single sons to holiday festivals…well that and the mug full of ale and treats.
  11. In A Line —Pick any line, you will probably find several Conservative single men waiting too.  Don’t be afraid to say “Hello” to the patient guy standing next to you.  He could just be your future husband.
  12.  And Finally, At A Garage— Whether pumping gas or picking up new snow tires for the season, plenty of Conservative single men will be preparing their vehicles for plowing snow or cruising safely to ski destinations.  A nice smile at one of them while filling up could mean the difference between the New Year’s Eve kiss you want and the one you end up getting from the love-lorn neighbor you work hard to avoid throughout the rest of the year.  

There are many more wildly overlooked places to meet Conservative single men. Just because they didn’t make the list here, doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes closed to where else they might be.  The possibilities are endless.  Undoubtedly, your Conservative romeo will show up when you least expect it.  So be of good cheer and keep your heart and eyes open so that you don’t miss him when he does.  

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Laura Wellington

Laura J. Wellington is the founder of ZNEEX friendship-walking app. She is an award-winning children's brand creator, author, blogger, and political commentary writer.

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