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The Democrats’ Love Affair With Racism

This is not one of those articles that tell the story how it was the Democrats who were in favor of slavery. Or how it was the Democrats who fought the War Between The States trying to preserve slavery. Or how it was the Democrats, who instituted the Jim Crow laws in the South. Or how it was Lyndon Johnson ...

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Leftist Media Misconstrues and Misquotes Trump (Again)

On Sunday morning when I was in my favorite Dunkin’ Doughnuts getting my Sunday breakfast, as usual, they had CNN on the big screen. They were commenting on President Trump as usual and taking everything he said out of context. These pundits should be glad Trump got in there. Look at all the fun, excitement and stories they are having ...

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The mother of all monuments

Who doesn’t like a good fad? From piling into phone booths in the Fifties to the iconic pet rocks of the Eighties, fads grab the attention of the country and then quickly flame out. And then there was disco, which had a slightly shorter life span than the Carter administration but was every bit as painful. Talk about your misery ...

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The Day-To-Day, Pointless Policy Trends Of Democrats

Stated briefly, the Democratic Party has no policies and no plans for the future except to continue the “fundamental transformation of America” that Barack Obama promised and began implementing during his presidency. The Chuck Schumers and the Nancy Pelosis of the world are clueless and have no original ideas in their blockheads. While President Trump is trying to push the ...

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Charles Barkley: Worrying about stupid statues ‘a waste of time’

Charles Barkley confederate statues

Basketball legend Charles Barkley laid out why he thinks the war on statues is a complete waste of time. In a sit-down interview with WBRC Fox 6’s Sports Director Rick Karle, Barkley said, “I’m not gonna’ waste my time tryin’ to worry about these statues they got all over the country.” Rather than screaming at Nazi’s and attacking statues, he ...

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Al Gore Tops Off Hate Week With Call for Trump to Resign

Sometimes in life, there are things that just don’t go away. Cockroaches, genital herpes, felonious criminal records and festering anal cysts among them. Why is it that former Vice President Al Gore always conjures up an image of the latter? The most concerted attack on the legitimately elected President of the United States to this date is raging as it ...

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Liberals May Soon Run Out Of Symbols to Hate

Socialism or Bust - A.F. Branco

It seems like an almost weekly mantra that liberal groups will announce a statue of a Civil War Confederate soldier that they want to tear down whether he was a slave owner or not. Any given statue may be commemorating a local soldier who was just fighting to protect his own family and home from the destruction of Union armies ...

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Dishonest Media and the Left’s New Civil War

Based on the visceral overreaction of the left and the mainstream media, to President Donald Trump’s comments this week, it would appear that there are many who are hell-bent on fomenting and fostering another Civil War. This one is shaping up to be even less civil since it’s not based on facts and established verities, but rather identity politics and ...

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The Far Left: The Source Of All Evil In The Modern World

Terror Barcelona 8-17-17

Reflecting back on recent history, one realizes that the Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were far-left, dictatorial nations: both of those governments controlled the economies of their nations, both ruled with an iron fist and punished their citizens at the will of the rulers without the protection of a constitution that had any value, each had government control of ...

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Lib Dems Project Their Own Racism On To Trump!!!

The Dems and sore loser HRC realize that Russia, Russia, Russia is not working so they have stooped to a new low to explain Hillary’s defeat. They are pulling the racism card since they can’t win in the arena of ideas and now they are even comparing the ANTIFA group to WW11 vets battling Nazis. Sadly, the liberal media overreacts ...

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Trump’s Latest Lesson, Learned From The Radical Liberal Left

Following the Charlottesville tragedy, President Trump made a completely appropriate, timely, well-expressed statement about the death in that city and condemned the warring groups making life miserable for the citizens of the city. The radical mouthpieces on the American left dutifully responded to Trump’s statement by telling him that his words were not sufficient and then dictated to him the ...

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Trump Whacks Hornet’s Nest with Praise of Confederate Statues

President Donald Trump is on one HELL of a roll this morning and it’s not going to sit well with Democrats, the establishment media and back-stabbing Republicans. Continuing to double-down and fight back against virtually every politician and media outlet in the land that are coming dangerously close to accusing 63 million Americans who voted for Trump of being neo-Nazis, the ...

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Democrats See The World Through A Prism Of Race

Let President Trump Do his job

The unrelenting pressure by Democrats to get Donald Trump removed from office is without equal. Every action and word from a Republican is deemed to have a devious, racist motive and meaning behind it. No matter what Trump says, the leftists make a racial case of it and vehemently attack him and anyone else who supports him and his policies. ...

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