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Demiq Virus Far Worse Than Expected!

Recently, I wrote an article accurately predicting attentions should also be focused upon the DemIQ Virus – not just the Corona Virus. Throughout American history, we manage to have brilliant people who step forward willing to risk their lives to resolve health crises issues. Patriots know the Corona Virus is not an exception to this rule. Unfortunately, the DemIQ Virus ...

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The Liberal Media’s Credibility Crashes

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post - Huffington Post

It is one of the oldest of human lessons, straight from Aesop’s Fables. A shepherd boy watching a flock of sheep amuses himself by yelling “Wolf!” – knowing correctly nearby villagers will quickly run to help him. Sure enough the villagers come running — only to find there is no wolf in sight. Shaking their heads, the villagers go back ...

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10 best conservative websites you need to read!

With the amount of fake news present at the moment, it’s hard to know who or what to trust. The best conservative websites often portray the honest side of the news. Here are the 10 of the best! 10. Politic-Ed © Politic-Ed.com Politic-Ed is by far the lest well-known on this list. And that’s probably with good reason too! It ...

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President Trump should immediately close the U.S.-Mexico border

As the highly contagious coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, the unfortunate reality is that people continue to enter the United States from other countries. One of the primary avenues by which this is happening is through Mexico. As a result, President Trump is considering closing the U.S.-Mexico border to migrants and to those seeking asylum. While some have ...

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Are Democrats Now Smart Enough To Support A Border Wall?

Now, after Democrats finally agreed with President Trump that flights from China must be prohibited from landing in the United States in order to keep coronavirus carriers from spreading the disease here; and now, understanding the value and importance of the presidential order to halt such flights; are Democrats smart enough to realize the wisdom of President Trump’s insistence on ...

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Americans Deserve Help in Crisis!  Bail out the oil industry! Bail out the airlines! Bail out Boeing! Bail out the auto industry! Bail out the cruise ship companies! Bail out the restaurants!  Bail out businesses large and small! The Federal Reserve is being asked to prop up everything including the faltering stock market with never-ending QEs. Will the central bankers ...

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Spend Less Time peddling unsubstantiated Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, More Time Listening to Experts

Our country has experienced tough tests before. At the present time, the country (and the entire world) is going through another difficult period. We are facing a virus that has killed and sickened many people throughout the world. However, unlike previous occasions, where Congress and/or the president were partially or entirely culpable, the president’s response and the response of the ...

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Media Focused on Blaming Coronavirus on Trump

After years of Russia, Russia, Russia and a few months of Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine we now have another bunch of foreigners interfering in our presidential election. The difference is the Opposition Media welcomes this interference because of the damage it may do to President Trump’s re–election. While Russian ‘interference’ was invisible and the results negligible, Chinese interference, while also invisible, ...

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Are Government Actions Needed in Allocating Resources Against Coronavirus?

Do you think that government (collectivism) is manipulative or incompetent?  Would you say government is good?  On one hand, Trump is intentionally not doing the right thing (manipulative) on the basis of getting reelected.  On the other hand, government is imperfect (incompetent).  I tend to side on the latter. Our true discourse is about the allocation of resources (government / ...

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Liberals Are Misguided In Their Infatuation With “Minorities”

Early-on in President Trump’s administration, he proposed building a wall along our southern border to keep Central Americans and Mexicans from illegally crossing the border and possibly bringing a disease in or allowing a criminal to enter our nation. Then he proposed keeping people from certain Middle East nations out of the U.S. from fear of there possibly being terrorists ...

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3 Things to Watch in the Biden vs. Sanders Debate for Sunday, March 15, 2020

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders enter their first 1-on-1 debate this Sunday night under unprecedented circumstances. The debate, which was originally supposed to take place in Arizona in front of a live crowd, will now be held in CNN’s Washington, DC, studios with no audience as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, that has also led both candidates to cancel rallies and stay off the ...

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Democratic Coronavirus Psyop first against Trump, But will it Morph into Something Bigger?

Head-scratching continues by many a pundit to make sense of the current Coronavirus situation. Our thoughts turn to understand better, at a distance, what could be happening by those seeking to damage the Trump and administration for a greater purpose. President Donald Trump said that Democrats are using the Coronavirus as a “hoax” to damage him and his administration. “The ...

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The Blame Game

Communists consider religion to be the opiate of the masses. Both the Soviet Union and communist China have oppressed the religious. Bernie Sanders promises action against Christians, whom he calls ‘religious bigots.’ 

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The Populist Right Has A Brighter Future Than The Corporate Left

As the Democratic Party consolidates to nominate Joe Biden, they destroy their chances of being the party of the American working class. Biden, who is a lifelong champion of credit card companies and trade deals that benefit multinational capital, has no claim to be the representative of working-class people. Journalist Chris Hedges has said that liberal politicians have traditionally served ...

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Family First – Let’s Stop Blaming Each Other For The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus situation, getting worse by the day in the US and worldwide, is a crisis situation in which we need to minimize the politics. Trying to blame others for not doing the right thing at the right time is not going to help anyone stay healthy or survive. I personally believe Trump really helped by cutting off travel to ...

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