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Liberals Are Once Again Given A Pass

Now we know why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein didn’t use sterner words in his announcement last Friday of Russian citizens being under indictment for influencing and trying to disrupt the 2016 election. Since President Trump is the assumed culprit for anything the Mueller investigation team discovers that Russia does, we expected serious finger-pointing at Trump and his team, but ...

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Vladimir Putin Takes American Democrats To School

Schiff Happens

American Democrats and their community organizing subsidiaries have been using Stalinist, Alinsky tactics for years to divide American citizens and disrupt our political election process, but after 70 years of the Soviet Union also undermining and subverting our Democracy, Vladimir Putin has now demonstrated that no matter how hard liberal Democrats use Soviet/Russian tactics in and against America, the Rooskies ...

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When Supposed Adults and Responsible Teachers Manipulate Children

When emotion overcomes logic, reason and experience, as is currently happening with some surviving students of last week’s Florida school shooting, teachers and parents should do all they can to soothe and calm them and appeal to reason and logic in handling their misery. Instead we’re seeing just another liberal form of child abuse, this time coming from the Democrat ...

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My Genuine Bipartisan Compromise Offer

The nation just witnessed what the OpMedia and the Commentariat like to call “bipartisan legislation.” The occasion was the two–year spending–palooza that Curator of the Senate Mitch McConnell and “The Boy” Ryan passed. It was bipartisan in the sense that country club conservatives let Democrats waste $150 billion on social programs, so they could waste an equal amount at the ...

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Liberal Emphasis On “Protection” Wouldn’t Save One Student’s Life

Liberal movies and television programs push the idea of “protection”, but not the kind of protection that could save even one life during a school shooting, nor protect students from mass deaths if a shooting started. Very likely there were some students at the Florida high school that was attacked last week who had “protection” on them, but the kind ...

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Obama and Hillary’s 16 year Plan To Destroy America!!!

 Imagine there’s  no countries. I wonder if you can.  Nothing to kill or die for. A brotherhood of man—John Lennon, “Imagine” While the above quote from John Lennon s beautiful and popular song “Imagine” is very idealistic it is the creed of globalists around the world. For those of you who may wonder what a globalist is, they are a ...

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Are Our Assumptions About Federalism Mistaken?

It’s long been a staple of our federalist system of government that allowing the various states, and not the federal government, to decide policies and solutions to societal problems would allow the nation to test a range of fixes and see which one is the best solution to any given problem. Then, the assumption goes, all states would adopt the ...

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Can People Who Lack “Common Sense” Propose “Sensible” Solutions?

Allow me to list several things currently being proposed by liberal Democrats: 1. Open our borders to all Syrians, Mexicans, Norwegians and Central Americans with no restrictions. 2. Establish sanctuary cities and states where illegal alien criminals can seek refuge from Federal Law. 3. Allow a thick-necked, bearded, over-weight man to self-identify as a female, Japanese, ballet dancer. And then ...

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Liberal Reaction to Trump Cornstarch Attack Proof That Snowflakes Aren’t So Sensitive After All

The liberal elite always claim to be more progressive than the rest of us. They pride themselves on standing up for the rights of groups that are supposedly marginalized. Whether it’s gay people who are arguably doing much better than most or individuals who identify as transgender, Democrats like to present themselves as the torchbearers for the minorities in this country. ...

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Liberals In The FBI Persecute Trump At The Expense Of Students Living Their Last Days

The liberal swamp spent the last year seething and being outraged they gratuitously persecuted the man who met and defeated their crooked Democrat candidate in the 2016 presidential election. The winning candidate then proceeded to ruin the Obama/Clinton legacy intended to Fundamentally Transform America. I am doubly outraged at the corrupt work of the FBI as they happily passed known, ...

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More Gun Control Won’t Work

                                  And who really is responsible for any one person carrying a gun? Surely it is impossible that it is them.—Bob Dylan 1967. Everybody’s shouting which side are you on?—Bob Dylan. Gates of Eden,1969. Whenever a tragedy like what happened in Florida takes place ...

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Someone Who Gets It About Trump – He Fights

I recently received the following article from a friend and found it worth posting. This is from conservative writer Evan Sayet.  His article appeared in Town Hall in July, 2017 under the title He Fights. His article here is more truthful and to the point than any Fox News host. Check it out. It is very telling. This is perhaps the ...

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Liberal Policy And The Use Of The Word “Sensible”

In the wake of the recent Florida school shootings, Democrats are pleading for “sensible” (note the lack of the stand-alone, more stark phrase “gun control”, plus also be aware of the silent admission that past liberal ideas have not been in any way “sensible” nor have past liberal ideas fixed the problem of mass killings in America) which, of course ...

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Gun Laws Will Stop Shootings, Like Obamacare Improved Healthcare

If you want more school shootings, then let the Obamacare team of leftist fools get involved and pass new laws restricting blanket gun ownership for all citizens. After all, have the various laws on the books written to prohibit theft actually stopped thievery; or have laws punishing murder stopped murders? No! Laws don’t stop crimes, but good policing and investigating ...

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