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Is Fetterman Going To Make Us Look Foolish?

I was disappointed, confused, and even angry when John Fetterman continued his campaign for Senator from Pennsylvania in 2022 after suffering a stroke. The stroke hampered Fetterman’s ability to speak or think clearly. He needed a teleprompter to read reporters’ questions or the Senate Chamber proceedings. It did not appear that the candidate stood a chance against Republican Dr. Oz, but he won handily, and it looked like the voters of Pennsylvania had elected a damaged man. There was also the situation with Fetterman’s choice of attire. He opted out of traditional dress suits in lieu of shorts, hoodies, and sneakers. There was an effort to rewrite the Senate dress code to allow the Freshman Senator to sit in the chamber in his relaxed garb, but the Senate came to its collective senses and told John to get dressed or stay in his office. He dressed.

There was no secret as to Fetterman’s political leanings. He was undoubtedly more aligned with Bernie Sanders than Joe Manchin. His leanings, health issues, and disregard, or disrespect, for the Upper House did not endear him to Republicans who thought he stole the election from Oz. His performance in his debate with Dr. Oz was embarrassing, and he checked himself into a facility for treatment of intense depression. Nobody would bet on him serving out his first term. They may all be wrong.

John Fetterman will always describe himself as a Progressive. Still, his comments, stances, and criticism of the Squad and all Radical Leftists have given people, including myself, cause to take a second look at the former small town Mayor. Fetterman claims the Progressives have left the mainstream Democrats, and three issues in particular have separated Fetterman from the Progressive wing: Defunding Police, Israel, and the Border. These issues must be very strong as they are pushing the huge Senator toward the middle.

Fetterman is becoming a go-to member of the Democrat Party and is holding his own. It looks like prayers have been answered and Fetterman is on the road to a full recovery. Even people, like me, who thought he was a mockery of the Senate hoped the man would recover from his stroke and bouts with depression. Him becoming a moderate Senator is something many may have prayed for but held little hope of being answered.

Some of the issues that Fetterman has spoken out on are the chaos at the Border. Sen. John Fetterman, lobbied for securing the U.S. southern border, telling CNN on Friday that 300,000 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country are blocking legal migrants from their “American dream.” This comment flies in opposition to the Progressive policy of no borders. He also has asked the Robert Menendez be held accountable for his ethic violations. His support of Israel is in conflict with the Progressives who support Hamas and Hezbollah.

Fetterman will support and do what he can to bring Pennsylvania in for Joe Biden and his reelection campaign, but he has let it be known, that he disagrees with many of the Administration’s policy positions. He may prove down the line to be as difficult for the Democrat Party as Joe Manchin has been. If that is the case, you will see Democrat support for Fetterman’s reelection a feeble effort. In the long run, it may be more than the Progressives walking away from Fetterman, you may see them eat one of their own.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. His flip flop on issues that don’t require political affiliation to reach, is an indication that he is not thinking clearly. His brain damage has eliminated his ability to care about the political implications of making a correct evaluation while staring in the face of an otherwise anti-progressive view.
    In other words he is not able to remain a progressive because it takes too much concentration to remain faithful when the obvious choices are rejected by the progressives. Thank God for brain damage he can now only concentrate of the good of the people who elected him and not the party that says they care.

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