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Fear, Free, And Abortion

There was a Kamala Harris sighting this week as she visited The View for a softball session in the henhouse. In addition to the adoration showered upon the Vice President by these faux journalists, Harris seized the opportunity to lay out the campaign strategy for the Biden/Harris reelection bid. It can be summed up in three words: Fear, Free, and Abortion. Since the Administration is underwater in the polls on every aspect of their job, they cannot point to their results and future plans, so they need to simplify their campaign to emotion and patronizing.

First an observation. At this point in Kamala Harris’ career, she should not require communication coaching, but her skills have been an embarrassment to her and, worse, to the country. Her presence and presentation were a vast improvement over her past efforts. Unfortunately, the content was still lacking. There was nothing substantive in her talking points describing the Democrat platform. Nothing about the status of the efforts of the first term or what to expect in a possible next. What she did accomplish was to echo the primary message of the President’s two speeches of a week ago. In the Democrat world, there is only one vote that is pro-American. There is only one vote that will save the Democracy. A vote for any Republican is a nod toward the destruction of America. In her mind, and Biden’s, when he has an infrequent moment of recall, a vote for Donald J. Trump is to put a nail in the coffin of our Democracy. There is nothing to back up this statement, but there does not need to be. The Democrats, et al., are consistently using this talking point, as is the mainstream media. They are all fear-mongering. Because the Left is a feeling-based group, fear works, and to the narrow-minded corps of followers, they can justify it.

The content was disappointing. Fear is the ace and feature of the platform, but a close second is Free. This is the third time Biden/Harris has gone to the well on Free as they con and try vainly to obtain and hold the youth vote. Though the Supreme Court continues to say no to Biden’s efforts, Joe ignores the High Court and forgives Student Loans. That is what the Left thinks of our structure of government. They have no respect for the courts or the law. Free is on steroids when it comes to the Border, as these illegals are treated to a plethora of benefits including housing, education, and healthcare. This is an injustice as they should be given an arrest citation, a court date, and a return ticket to their homeland.

And finally, the golden ticket for Democrat votes. Abortion, incorrectly named Reproductive Rights, is always a guarantee for high voter turnout. This was obvious in last year’s elections. Any ballot with an abortion question or bill on the ballot received incredible Democrat support. Democrats continue to claim their right to abortion was eradicated by the Supreme Court when, in actuality, the decisions on abortion were returned to the states. That is the beauty of a Constitutional Republic versus the Democracy that the Democrats claim. The state we live in can set laws that suit its residents. If you disagree, you can work to make a difference or move to a state that better matches your needs and beliefs.

Harris and Jill Biden will be the face of this campaign, and you can bet on Biden seeing very little daylight outside of the White House or Rehoboth. They will keep him silent and hope they can steal another four years in charge.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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