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Avi Ben Ezra is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp (Snatch Group Limited). He leads the Group’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for running all facets of the tech business which includes being the architect of the platforms and UI interfaces. Avi has proven tech track record and 15+ years of demonstrated career success developing tech initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope. Avi possesses in-depth experience in developing digital market places within Fintech and AI. https://www.avibenezra.com Twitter: @avi_benezra

Mapping Big data underwater: How Infrapedia keeps track of global internet infrastructure

As Big Tech handles AI and data expansion with underwater infrastructure, engineers and planning teams increasingly need tools to provide up to date information. Infrapedia is fast becoming the preferred free tool among tech communities. It is no surprize that companies like Microsoft host more and more of their data underwater. Afterall, the most important networks connecting the global telecoms ...

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5 Cutting-Edge Marketing Tech Trends to Hop on Right Now

Digital marketing is a complex and frequently changing environment. For marketers to stay on top, it is essential to always have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques. There are now countless new ways for companies to attract, make connections with and boost loyalty with their target audience. We’ve compiled a list of the latest tech ...

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Low complexity chatbots explained

Low complexity is one of the reasons why adoption rate went up in recent years. Yes, there is AI and other factors make it more attractive than ever, but low complexity and scalability are fundamental reasons for this improvement. Previously we discussed chatbots in relation to the US workforce. Now, let’s explore the overall idea in more detail: What is ...

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The American workforce, AI and chatbots in focus

In a dynamic world, US leadership in AI is paramount. Balancing this with the needs of the workforce and creating the right opportunities should be a collective responsibility. The president took aim at balancing the economy by driving the current agenda that will improve job security for the American people. This coincided with geostrategic aims at a time where national ...

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