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5 Cutting-Edge Marketing Tech Trends to Hop on Right Now

Digital marketing is a complex and frequently changing environment. For marketers to stay on top, it is essential to always have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques. There are now countless new ways for companies to attract, make connections with and boost loyalty with their target audience. We’ve compiled a list of the latest tech trends businesses should be adding to their marketing tool kit right away.

Video Marketing is Here to Stay

Video is an excellent way for businesses to reach a large number of users, capture their audience’s attention and create an emotional connection to their product or service. People share video content considerably more than written content and are more likely to click on a link in an email if it contains a video.

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook all offer live video as an engaging way to interact with consumers in real-time at events or demonstrations. Marketers should utilize live video as a way to ask and answer questions from potential customers and learn their thoughts and concerns about your brand. Video can also be used to create memories with users that they will hold with them when deciding which brand to purchase. If you succeed in creating frequent, exciting and unique video content, people will subscribe to your channel and share the content with their friends.

Keep in mind that video content, like written content, should be search engine optimized (SEO) to make sure it ranks high by search engine algorithms. You can optimize your video content by including popular keywords in the video description and title, closed captions, URL and file names.

Using AI to Personalize Marketing

Companies should use artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing strategies to eliminate mundane tasks, engage customers and improve ad campaigns. AI technology can analyze customer purchasing data, browsing habits and demographics to give personalized recommendations and improve the overall customer experience. For example, your website could suggest articles that your target customer would likely be interested in reading based on other content they have read or recommend products that they are interested in based on their purchasing history.

AI uses machine learning algorithms to filter through data and analyze patterns which can be very beneficial in creating target segments for marketing campaigns. You can base these segments on whatever you set the algorithms for, such as age, location and gender, or past purchasing behaviors. Algorithms will save businesses countless hours of tedious work, making more time for creative problem solving – work that is better suited for marketers.

Brands can also use AI for dynamic segmentation, which is the understanding that consumers behaviors change frequently depending on particular situations. This insight can be used to make multiple personas for one person rather than sticking them into a static category. Also, AI can predict the best time to show ads to particular consumers for them to be most likely to click and convert to a sale. The possibilities are endless.

Bots and Chatbots for Customer Service

The chatbot is an AI-based technology that is exploding in popularity this year, especially among millennials. Chatbots can be used in a plethora of ways as they automate basic human tasks and conversations, allowing them to give answers and ask questions to customers online exceptionally quickly and efficiently. Combined with AI, Chatbots can offer users personalized services and can even be programmed to have personalities.

Some surveys have shown that people prefer to talk to a chatbot over a human for basic customer service needs. In addition to websites, businesses can also use chatbots on social media and apps. Save some time and implement a chatbot onto your website.

If you are new to SnatchBot: It helps businesses deploy chatbots to work alongside humans. SnatchBot aims to use bots to enable companies to raise the bar on customer service and satisfaction. A key point of innovation is chatbots deployed at call centers around the world, that are now reducing call center credit card fraud.

Voice Search Optimization

When you pull out your phone and ask Siri a question, you are performing a voice search. Siri will probably give only one, maybe two answers to your inquiry. However, with a standard desktop search engine, such as Google, you will see thousands of results. Just as businesses should be practicing search engine optimization, it is more and more essential to practice voice SEO as well.

Voice SEO is a bit different from typical SEO because the way that people speak is often different from the way they write. You will want to have keyword phrases that are more on the conversational side, so they mimic what a person would say when conducting a voice search. Usually, when someone does a written search, they type strings of words together such as “clean refrigerator” whereas in a voice search they may say “how do I clean my fridge?” Another tip for voice SEO is to develop your content writing style to sound more conversational and less formal.

Augmented reality (AR) for Interactive Marketing

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are transforming consumer marketing in significant ways. By assimilating digital data into a real-world experience, AR and VR allow customers to experience your product without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. By creating 3D images, AR gives consumers an up close and personal experience to try on clothes, check out new electronics or fit furniture into their house. Virtual reality is similar but requires the user to wear a headset, completely immersing the consumer in the virtual world.

There are always new apps coming to market that allow consumers to have an interactive experience. Implementing AR and VR into your marketing strategy is an excellent way to connect to your customer by exciting them and stimulating their emotions.

Your New Marketing Toolkit

Taking some time to learn about these marketing technology trends, the different ways to implement them into your strategy and the various companies offering new products will no doubt bring you great results. Don’t panic if it seems overwhelming at first, but start with one or two, see how they resonate with your target audience and then decide if it’s worth the investment to dive into a cohesive implementation plan.

For motivation, do some research into competitors and other companies who are having success with these tools.

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Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp (Snatch Group Limited). He leads the Group’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for running all facets of the tech business which includes being the architect of the platforms and UI interfaces. Avi has proven tech track record and 15+ years of demonstrated career success developing tech initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope. Avi possesses in-depth experience in developing digital market places within Fintech and AI. Twitter: @avi_benezra

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