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After the Bragg Verdict in New York Biden cannot Possibly Unite America

After a [2016] campaign filled with Donald Trump’s denunciations of “Crooked Hillary” Clinton, the president-elect [Trump] declared Tuesday [after his election] that “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons; I really don’t,” and a top adviser said he had no interest in pursuing further investigations.

CBS News, Nov. 22, 2016

It is not as if Biden was making any serious effort to unite the country before the bizarre guilty verdict against Trump in the New York “hush money” case.  Of course, Biden has pledged now and then, when useful, that he wants to unite the country, that he wanted to be the president for all Americans.  Unfortunately, talk is cheap, especially in politicians, and, in reality, Biden has spent his 3.5 years in the White House insulting half the country that did not vote for him as extremists and angrily yelling at people who do not support him in “toxic” speeches.  So, he was already doing a terrible job uniting the country.  However, after the absurd guilty verdict against Trump in New York was engineered by a biassed Democrat AG (Latitia James), a biassed Democrat prosecutor (Alvin Bragg), a biassed Democrat judge (Juan Merchan), a biassed New York jury pool, a felon admitted thief and perjurer (Michael Cohen) and a confused inconsistent porn star (Stormy Daniels) who talks to ghosts as the two main witnesses and Biden himself who immediately exploited the fake verdict has ended his chances of uniting the country.  Biden also explained that it is “reckless” to call a rigged trial “rigged.”  Trump is not even allowed to defend himself anymore.  Some 1st amendment!  Since this transparently biassed team managed to provide everything except an actual Trump crime and actual evidence of that crime at least half the country will see this transparently sorry charade as undeniable evidence of a two tier “injustice” system in the United States.   Some people who resisted this conclusion in the past will be unable to deny it now with the 34 counts of felonious silliness in the Democrat city and state of New York.

The Left (Democrats) will claim the trial was perfectly fair and that Trump got what he deserved, but that is comical even for these people.  Even “liberal” CNN legal analyst, Eli Honig (Harvard J.D.), and one of the few talking heads on television who is legitimately brilliant, and even knows how to formulate a proper thesis and argument, admits that Judge Merchan violated the constitution to convict Trump.  Weeks ago, Alan Dershowitz (Harvard J.D.) predicted that Trump would be convicted of a non-crime in the hostile jurisdiction of New York.  More recently, Dershowitz noted that people are thrilled that the courts violated Trump’s constitutional rights to convict him.  A multiplicity of legal scholars, politician’s, distinguished professors and other influencers besides Dershowitz and Honig, including GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley, former Democrat member of the Kennedy family and current Independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Republican Senator from Maine and Trump critic, Susan Collins, former Democrat rising star and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (Rep. HI 2nd District), certified genius Elon Musk, lifetime leftist and former Bernie Sanders supporter, Joe Rogan, Andy McCarthy (NYU J.D.), Jeanine Pirro (University of Albany J.D).   Even vehement Trump critic Republican senator Mitt Romney (UT),  have pointed out the obvious travesty of justice in the Trump conviction.  Are we, effectively, Russia now?

Given that the conviction is so obviously unjust, these Democrat (Leftist) geniuses have already given Trump an excellent reason to claim that if he loses the 2024 election was rigged … because this lawfare transparently is election rigging.  The Democrat judge has even set sentencing 4 days before the Republican convention.  What a coincidence in a long line of coincidences in this case!  Even more important, half the country, probably upwards of 74 million voters, will be convinced that the “justice” system in the US is systematically unjust.   As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of Bobby Kennedy, put it after the Trump conviction:

The DNC feels … it has a candidate [Biden] that cannot win fair and square … and so they have to win in the courts.  They have to win by clearing the deck and getting their other opponents out of the race. … I think there’s a large number of Americans who are going to see this as the politicization… the weaponization of the enforcement agencies, and I think it’s going to hurt. It’s bad for our democracy.

That is, it is fear of a Trump win over a feeble incompetent Biden that drove the Democrats to this reckless lawfare strategy.  Wouldn’t it have been easier had Biden not decided to pursue absurd unpopular policies? As a consequence on this absurd lawfare, even if the Democrats “win” in November, half the country will feel that they “won” by cheating.  Democrats have sullied their own potential victory 5 months before November. 

The American people are not going to like having this candidate, Biden, who by large margins, Americans believe is incapable of governing the country and cannot win fairly, forced down their throat by a transparently unjust legal tactics.  Anyone who thinks that this will be good for the country is delusional.   Indeed, it will probably make the country effectively ungovernable.  Perhaps Democrats want social unrest as a good excuse to impose draconian restrictions on individual liberties and keep themselves in money and power in perpetuity.  Since individual liberties are the essential core of the US Constitution, this would make an end to the United States as we have known it.

The Democrats have “crossed the Rubicon” with the absurd Trump guilty verdict in Manhattan:

Justice died in America on Thursday. A jury of Democrats in an all-Democratic jurisdiction pronounced the Republican candidate guilty in the first case of its kind.

It was a successful exercise of raw power by progressives desperate to brand former President Trump a felon [before] the November election. [They] ignored the lasting damage their actions have done to our system of government.

Moving forward, all outgoing presidents will wonder which states dominated by the opposition faction are going to file the next indictment. Partisans [will] file vague charges in the most favorable jurisdiction and ensure the case is assigned to a like-minded jurist with a personal stake in the outcome [like Judge Merchan] of the proceeding. 

Washington Times Editorial Board

Although Trump talked about locking up Hillary Clinton in the 2015 campaign, he was wise enough to abandon that idea, saying “I really don’t want to hurt [the Clintons]” as soon as he was elected.  Today’s Democrats display no such wisdom or decency but, as former Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard puts it, today’s Democrats, believing that they are God, are completely driven by a vindictive lust for power.

The unrestrained exercise of raw power will destroy the US unless this travesty is undone immediately.  Perhaps the only way this can be averted is if Trump wins, and in the aftermath, both sides agree not to pursue these tactics again.  But it is already too late for Biden, who has already participated in the United States’ first “show trial”.  Joe Biden, having participated in this assault on Democracy, will leave half the country furious if he “wins” and can, therefore, no longer bring the country together.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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