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‘The Supreme Court Has Betrayed Democracy’: Liberals Melt Down After SCOTUS Rules Trump Can Stay On Colorado Ballot

Liberals bemoaned the Supreme Court overturning a state supreme court’s ruling tossing former President Donald Trump off the ballot Monday.

The Supreme Court said that Congress alone had the power to enforce the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment in a 9-0 ruling that was unsigned. The Colorado Supreme Court decided that Trump was disqualified under the provisions of the 14th Amendment in a 4-3 ruling Dec. 19.

“The Supreme Court has betrayed democracy,” former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann posted on X. “Its members including Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. And collectively the ‘court’ has shown itself to be corrupt and illegitimate. It must be dissolved.”

“Supreme Court rules that an adjudicated insurrection can still be president, unless Congress acts,” MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner posted. “Not unexpected, but more proof that our institutions of government are not up to the task of saving American democracy. Once again, it’s up to We The People. #VoteLikeHell”

MSNBC contributor Anand Giridharadas called the decision “another corrupt Supreme Court ruling” while linking to an article offering what he put forth as a course of action to counteract what he called “another round of despair bait.”

Other liberals said the ruling would not prevent Trump’s defeat at the ballot box.

“The Supreme Court will not prevent Donald Trump from becoming President again, but Gen Z will,” “progressive” YouTube host Luke Beasley posted on X.

“The Supreme Court has decided to keep Donald Trump on the Presidential ballot. We knew this was coming,” Democratic congressional candidate Eugene Vindman posted. “Today’s Supreme Court decision won’t impact what will happen in November. We are going to defeat Donald Trump and take back the House from MAGA extremists.”


On MSNBC, former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal tried to spin the ruling.

“What it doesn’t put aside is the 14th Amendment Section 3 is not just about courts, it’s not just about — you know about ballot — you election officials disqualifying someone. It’s also a rule of thumb for you and me,” Katyal told MSNBC host Ana Cabrera. “I mean, one of the most important moments in our history after the Civil War, our nation came together and said, ‘Look, insurrectionist should not be on the ballot.’ The court today is not saying that Donald Trump is free of the charges of being an insurrectionist.”

“It may be that Congress hasn’t implemented legislation to enforce it, but you and I enforce the 14th Amendment too, by what we do at the ballot box,” Katyal added.

Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold of Colorado expressed disappointment in the ruling on X.

“I am disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision stripping states of the authority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for federal candidates,” Griswold posted. “Colorado should be able to bar oath-breaking insurrections from our ballot.”

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  1. So another ruling by SCOTUS that the crazy leftist disagree with although it is constitutionally correct, as well as the fact that Trump has never been charged with insurrection but the leftist don’t care, they’re gonna scream about the illegitimacy of the court (Nut Job Kieth Olberman) and that they should do away with it. So let’s just do away with the constitution and dissolve 1/3 of our institutions of our government, and they claim Trump is a Danger to our “Democracy” !! Crazy Olberman attacked the 3 liberal justices like a spoil child does when he / she doesn’t get their way. The guys such a bitch!! He should try educating himself. They don’t care about democracy they only want to maintain power, there is absolutely no way that any honest person, liberal, conservative, independent, socialist, or otherwise can say that their lives today are better then it was 3-1/2 years ago, unless of course they’re the wealthy elite!! I know I’m not!! I retired 1-1/2 years ago to become my wife’s caregiver and it’s killing me financially when my TDA’s , IRA’s have lost almost 30% of their value!! Since this clown took office and they want to give him and Harris another 4 years.!! Please tell me regular working Americans of all color, religion are not feeling the pain of a Biden presidency. Just saying it’s your choice not the media, not the kooks like Olberman, it’s yours. If your making under 80 grand a year tell me life is better for you now!!

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