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America In The Age Of Stupidity: The Whole World Is Exploding Thanks To Democrats

The Weakness of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party should be obvious to everyone. The whole world is exploding while Joe Biden and the Democrats fiddle around.

Throughout history, we have gone through different ages, The Ice Age, The Gilded Age, and The Industrial Age. Now We Are Living In The Stupid Age, Where Reality, Truth, And Common Sense Don’t Exist.

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  1. Does anyone other than me remember Obomass saying when stepping down in 2017 I wishe I could think of a legal way to get my third term???????? Think about it all of the thoughts from the white house since 2021 has been his idea’s he pushed while president down with America(evil) down with white America, free tuition giving billions of our tax dollars going to a certain bunch of today we worked to put our kids through school-college now a certain group are getting our money to pay for what ever they want . He hated our friends in the east, now China and Russia our enemies are gaining more and more since Biden got into the white house. Hate when media says today biden did this or that it IS NOT BIDEN other than being told to sign this or that into law. The border he WANTED immigrants in our country all happening on Bidens watch He is been on campaign fund raising since last year no duties of president are evident he flies here, there, using our tax dollars again to raise money for his coffers that he gets to keep no matter what in the end, ALL at our expense.

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