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The People Are Responding To The Border Crisis With God’s Army

We really should stipulate as to whether the millions of migrants that have crossed our Southern Border are a national crisis or the result of Joe Biden’s plan to destroy our sovereignty. The answer depends on which side of the political fence you live. The Left does not believe in borders or sovereignty, so to them, this wave of humanity is the new normal. To those of us on the Right, we have to decide where to begin to list the problems with Biden’s border policies. Our country is being invaded. Joe Biden will not stop the assault. Biden is preventing the states from protecting their borders and residents. The people have had enough, and a convoy of citizen truckers left Virginia yesterday and are on their way to the Southern Border to draw attention to the crisis the Media is keeping from the people.

Many of us are frustrated seeing the videos run daily on FOXNews showing people, mostly military-age males, wading across the Rio Grande, climbing under the concertina wire, and surrendering to the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol is no longer defending our Border as they did under the Trump Administration. Under Biden, the Border Patrol is tasked with processing the migrants and setting them on their way to every state in the country. The Mainstream Media has been suppressing the reporting of the crisis at the Border and the impact of this mass migration on every state in the country.

The big rig truckers are drawing on the success of the Canadian trucker convoy during the pandemic, and they are on their way to the Border with separate events planned in Texas, Arizona, and California. They hope the magnitude of the convoy will be too much for the Media to ignore. They are called the “Take our border back convoy” or “God’s Army.” It is a volunteer group that is looking for truckers who want to save our country to join the convoy. The bigger, the better. This convoy is a peaceful demonstration with the sole purpose of forcing the Mainstream Media to come to the Border, turn on the mics, lights, and cameras. There is no interest in altercation, and the convoy will have its own security team to ensure the safety of the truckers, their families, and their rigs.

Truckers, especially independent drivers, have been hurt badly by Biden’s energy policies, and the threat of having to convert to an EV rig in the next ten years. The cost of fuel has cut into the profitability of the job, but the thought of having their rig rendered obsolete and the cost of EV conversion is too much to absorb. They have been pushed too far, and their frustration is turning into action.

We will soon know how effective God’s Army will be as they plan to hit Eagle Pass, Texas, this weekend. Eagle Pass is the epicenter of the battle between Texas Governor Abbott and Joe Biden. It is the perfect location for the convoy to make a maximum impact. Biden may think he has the upper hand in this Border chess match, but there is no way he foresaw God’s Army riding into town. My money is on the Army, and here’s to them for having the spine to take on the President. God Bless and Godspeed.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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