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Americans Sees Everyday How This President Operates

According to Karine Jeanne-Pierre, there is absolutely no need for President Biden to take a cognitive test. Nearly 90% of Americans disagree. Her argument is consistent with what we expect from her as a spokesperson for this administration and is indefensible. She has a canned reason written in her binder. 

The American people see Joe Biden in action every day. He proves how he operates and thinks by his actions. By dealing with world leaders and making tough decisions, both domestically and internationally. That is how Dr. O’Conner sees it, and that is how she will leave it.

For the feckless KJP, that must be a “full stop” and “drop the mic” moment. Well, KJP, you cannot leave it there because what you say is wrong on many levels. Anyone with objective eyes and ears who can be truthful with themselves can see the obvious signs of this President not having complete control of his faculties. The American people see the President, and when we do, we see a man aging at a remarkable pace. We see a man who is confused and unsteady on his feet. He requires assistance getting away from the podium or off the stage. We see a man who confuses world leaders and has often recalled recent interactions with people who have long passed. We see a man who evokes weakness when we need strength and whose decisions are damaging this great country in ways that can never be repaired.         

In three years, we have seen little from this man indicating he is in charge of the Executive branch. You do not have to be a doctor to see a man who is not physically and mentally capable of the job and is obviously a frontman easily manipulated by the people behind the curtain who are pulling his strings. We can debate who those puppeteers are, but we know they have to be related to the Obama circle of influence. I subscribe to the President’s daily schedule, and it hits my inbox, and when I open it, I am usually greeted by the same nine words: There are no events on the President’s schedule today. The VP’s schedule is usually the same void. What are these people doing? The President says he is too busy to go to East Palestine, and it has been over a year since the tragedy. It has been three years since Harris was named Border Czar, and she has not gotten within 60 miles in that time. I ask again, what are these people doing?       

The President’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was impeached by the House on Tuesday evening. He is the only Cabinet member impeached in over 150 years. I am still conflicted about impeaching staff because that will become a tool to replace conversation and legislation, but in this case, the House Republicans had no choice. What Mayorkas has done is not just bad policy. He should be tried for treason for what he has done to this country by failing to close the open Southern Border and for the continued false testimony he has given Congress. This is not bad management. It is purposeful negligence of a national security problem that is killing Americans with smuggled drugs and changing the demographics of every state in the country. 

What this administration has done to our sovereignty, economy, national defense, and industry is reprehensible, and some issues cannot be corrected. The Biden Administration can claim to be the most diverse in history, but it is also the most anti-American. These people can be talking heads on CNN or MSNBC, but not in our government. Joe Biden has had a mediocre fifty year career in Washington, and he is finishing it with the worst Presidency ever. The only people he has benefited is the Biden family. For that, they may face criminal charges. For Joe, it is time he walks away.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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Ray Cardello

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