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America In The Age Of Stupidity: Proof Democrats Are Morons

I always say Democrats lack truth, reality, and common sense, and the persecution of Donald Trump proves it.

Throughout history, we have gone through different ages, The Ice Age, The Gilded Age, and The Industrial Age. Now We Are Living In The Stupid Age, Where Reality, Truth, And Common Sense Don’t Exist.

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One Comment

  1. Now combine the “Age of Stupidity” with the “Age of Incompetence” and the :”Age of Ignorance” and what you have is America today. With all of the places that offer education, it is astounding that so many people can be so wrong. What is it that will make a person back the move made by Hamas on Oct 7? Killing babies in ovens? Cutting off of women’s breasts and using them for sport, mutilating corpses, indiscriminate killing of young and old people, gangbang rapes, this is the purest evil of Satan. And yet, I have not described all of the horror of that day. I hope that Israel visits a worse horror on Hamas and Gaza. It is well deserved.

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