Who Has the US Government Betrayed?

In the aftermath of Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel last weekend, and the barbaric kidnappings, torture and slaughter of hundreds of civilians, Jews across the world are asking hard questions about who they can truly count on.

Author and podcaster Liel Leibovitz penned a scathing essay in the online publication Tablet, laying much of the blame for the attack at the feet of the U.S. government. In “America’s Betrayal of Israel,” Leibovitz both condemns U.S. foreign policy and criticizes what he views as Israel’s foolhardy reliance upon America as an ally.

Leibovitz starts by slamming the $6 billion that the Biden administration released to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror in the Middle East, if not the world. Iran’s financial support of Hamas is undisputed; this administration’s flaccid protests to the contrary, money given to Iran is money in the bank accounts of Islamic terrorist organizations everywhere. (Leibovitz doesn’t mention that Biden chose to announce release of the funds on Sept. 11, the 22nd anniversary of the worse terrorist attack on U.S. soil; if the largesse to Iran was a betrayal of Israel, the timing was a deliberate kick in the teeth to Americans themselves.)

Second, Leibovitz references the recent revelations that Iranian spies infiltrated the U.S. intelligence apparatus and have been pushing our government to do Iran’s bidding for years (with a notable hiatus during the Trump administration). These shocking facts came to light only days before the deadly Hamas attacks; it will be months or years before we know the extent of the damage, if indeed it is even possible to ascertain.

Leibovitz acknowledges that Joe Biden and his puppet regime are only continuing what Barack Obama started during his presidency: a policy of appeasing and empowering Iran, and of denying the deleterious effects it would have on Israel or the wider Middle East. It was Obama who pushed through the “Iran Deal” in 2015 that not only lifted sanctions on Iran and gave them nearly $2 billion in “pallets of cash,” but effectively permitted the regime to pursue its nuclear weapons program by attaching “conditions” that were wholly specious, unverifiable and/or explicitly temporary.

Leibovitz looks back at the decisions of the past two Democrat administrations, and makes his closing argument:

“When you champion Iran; when you send it and its proxies money; when you reward Palestinian violence; when you go out of your way to portray Bibi (Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister) as a dangerous fascist; when you finance and champion his opponents, contributing to further instability and unrest; when you hand over U.S. intelligence keys to Iranian agents; when you have your spokespeople declare it ‘disinformation’ for people to connect obvious dots; when you do all of this, you know what’s going to happen. You mean for it to happen.”

America has abandoned other allies to whom we had earlier promised our support: the Afghans fighting to overthrow the Taliban were overrun when we unceremoniously left Afghanistan (leaving tens of billions of dollars in military equipment, materiel and ammunition to fall into enemy hands, by the way); the South Vietnamese fighting against communist encroachment during the Vietnam War; the Cubans fighting communist dictator Fidel Castro, who we left unaided at the Bay of Pigs.

Now Israel.

But why should anyone be surprised that a country will break its promises to foreign allies when it callously disregards its obligations to its own citizens? Consider what we have observed our government do over the past few years:

— Illegally spying on Americans and spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a “collusion” investigation they knew was fraudulent.

— Lying about the origins of a virus that caused a global pandemic.

— Forcing experimental “vaccines” on an unsuspecting public.

— Working with broadcast, print and social media to censor anyone trying to get out the truth about the virus, risks of the mRNA shots, and safe alternative drug treatment protocols.

— Locking down the entire economy, but allowing “protests” that turned into riots, burning, looting and carnage.

— Allowing violent crime and theft to run rampant and unpunished, but attacking pro-life pastors and parents objecting to pornography in schools as “domestic terrorists.”

— Prosecuting the current president’s chief political rival with frivolous and transparently false accusations of crimes, while ignoring and suppressing evidence of actual corruption by the president himself and his family.

— Lying to Americans about a “secure” border, while allowing millions upon millions of unvetted people to enter the country illegally, most of whom are now military-age males, and many of whom come from countries actively hostile to the U.S.

In the wake of Israel’s retaliation, the threats are coming now, thick and fast. The head of Hamas has called for a global jihad and attacks against Israel, Jews and those who support them, everywhere they can be found. How many people inclined to follow those orders have made their way to the United States because of our government’s deliberate neglect of its most basic responsibilities?

With only minor edits, Leibovitz’ accusations sound like ominous warnings of what Americans could find ourselves saying in the not-too-distant future:

“When you fail to punish violence; when you go out of your way to portray Donald Trump as a dangerous fascist and millions of Americans as “the enemy” in need of “formal deprogramming”; when you weaponize law enforcement against people with different political views; when you champion lawless rioters, contributing to further instability and unrest; when you fund dangerous research and then have your spokespeople declare it ‘disinformation’ for people to connect obvious dots on important matters of public health; when you allow millions of foreign men into the country without any background checks or safeguards against malevolent intentions; when you do all of this, you know what’s going to happen. You mean for it to happen.”

Are we being betrayed by our own government?

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