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Pampered, Spoiled Palestinians And Their Phony “Jihad” In The Streets Of New York City

On Friday, October 13, 2023, Palestinians around the world performed a pretend Jihad against Israel by safely and securely standing around and speaking angrily of Israel in particular, and Jews in general. These Palestinians are very “brave” people when they speak negatively about Israel, which puts them in agreement with CNN, NYT and WAPO, and in contradiction to good sense and fair treatment for Israel.

The founding charter of Gaza was written by the Hamas hierarchy which stated clearly that all Jews are to be killed on sight. But Palestinians in New York City are not in Gaza opposing Israel’s IDF forces as they invade Gaza in an attempt to recover the hostages that Hamas kidnapped last Saturday when Hamas suddenly invaded Israel and began killing civilians and children at random. The Hamas mouthpieces in New York City are out of any danger from Israel and are only spouting the lies Hamas wants to spread to a gullible American population.

Who are these cowardly Palestinians, living safe and snug in New York City, while their fellow-Palestinians are fighting Israel in Gaza? Of course, the New York City Palestinians claim that the October 7th invasion of Israel by Hamas, in which Israeli babies were decapitated by Hamas terrorists, never happened, and they claim that the Israeli IDF forces are simply Jewish murderers intent on eradicating Palestinians from the region.

With the world watching, and even the far left press accurately reporting the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorist invaders, the lying Hamas apologists in New York City claim the horrific attacks by Hamas are just fabrications created by Americans as they defend the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Unfortunately for the Hamas mouthpieces in New York, the entire world of reasonable people know the truth, that Hamas is responsible for the terrorism unleashed on Israel, and they must pay the price for their crimes against other humans.

The truth about Israel is that thousands of Arabs live peacefully in Israel and have the full rights and privileges of Israeli citizens, while anyone living in Gaza is a powerless subject of the Hamas rulers. The people of Gaza should fear Hamas, not Israel. And the only reason Israel built the wall around Gaza was to keep the Hamas bombers and gunmen out of Israel and behind a wall.

But the leftist Democrats in America will not willingly call Hamas the terrorists and murderers that they are, and will not call Palestinians in New York cowards who, while hating Jews and lying about the Israeli Defense Force, would rather talk than have to fight Israel.

Palestinians should be opposing the evil and hateful Hamas, not the decent soldiers of Israel, who would prefer to be doing personal and family things rather than donning a uniform and going off to war in Gaza.

But there could be another side of the young, idle, jawing Palestinians comfortably residing in America (which country they also claim to hate). While all the time giving lip service to their weak, lame Jihad, maybe they are residing in America, and in other nations around the world, while serving as terrorist plants, awaiting orders from the cowardly Hamas bosses living comfortably in Arab countries in the Middle East, to lash out around the world at the nations who allow these Hamas trouble-makers to live pleasantly in their midst. And when given the signal, they will launch a real, murderous Jihad on the peaceful nationalities they live among, especially if the resident nation defends Israel for trying to protect their population.

It may be interesting to know why other Arabic and Middle East nations don’t offer their nations as a place of sanctuary where Palestinians could go to get away from the allegedly evil Israelis, and the answer may well be that Palestinians are an unpleasant, troublesome people, and, quite honestly, no one wants them nor the trouble they cause.

One wonders if it wouldn’t be just like the far-left Biden administration to have intentionally reduced the police protection in so many American cities, under the idiotic banner of Defund-The-Police, thereby leaving American citizens without any protection at all in the event of an uprising from terrorists on American soil, while also trying to force Americans to give up their weapons of personal self-defense, and all occurring within our borders which are wide open, at Biden’s order, allowing any criminal or terrorist to enter our nation at their leisure.

Thanks Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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