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‘Bring It’: Nikki Haley, Tim Scott Derail Debate By Getting Into Shouting Match Over Curtains

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott got into a shouting match at the second GOP primary debate over the purchase of curtains.

The two South Carolinians joined five other Republican primary hopefuls on stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Scott took aim at Haley for increasing the gas tax as governor of South Carolina, as well as purchasing $50,000 dollars worth of curtains as ambassador, prompting the two to spar over what ended in a commercial break.

“You literally — ” said Scott.

“Bring it, Tim,” said Haley.

“Put $50,000 on curtains in a $15 million subsidized location. Next —”

“You got bad information,” Haley responded. “First of all, I fought the gas tax in South Carolina multiple times against the establishment, against the establishment! And you want to know what that 10 cent was? When they wouldn’t pass the gas tax, the establishment and the companies wanted me to do it so much that I said the only way I will pass it if you will give us three — excuse me — if you will give me three times the deduction in income tax, then I will look at your gas tax, which is why it did happen.”

Scott proceeded to interrupt her multiple times, telling the crowd to watch Haley on YouTube.


“Secondly on the curtains, do your homework, Tim, because Obama bought those curtains — it’s in the press. It’s the state department —” said Haley.

“Did you send them back?” asked Scott.

“Did you send them back? You’re the one that works in Congress,” responded Haley. “They were there before I even showed up at the residence — you are scrapping.”

Fox Business moderator Stuart Varney then cut the two South Carolinians off to cut to commercial break.

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