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‘Barbie’ is Just a Chick Flick

I thought long and hard about how to react to the whole “Barbie” movie thing.

Is it a social justice mess that had “messaging” no one should endure, or is it just entertainment that only a portion of the population would enjoy?

First, “Barbie” is not the CCP-financed, social-justice, brain-maiming, left-wing whatever, you were told it is. It’s… a chick flick. Women of all ages want to see their child-age dolls come to life and do things – any things. This movie isn’t about training your daughter to hate men or expecting males to be servants – it’s just a movie about childhood nostalgic nonsense.

“Barbie” is basically about girls’ dolls coming to life, trying to experience the real world, and dealing with the consequences. Did you think the script would address real issues in any form? Really? it’s about DOLLS!

There are a TON of quirky, funny, silly moments that any woman can relate to because – it is … a girl movie about a girl’s toy. Nothing more.

Understanding the difference between Gender Ideology and feministic fun is key to realizing why Barbie rocks and the other gender ideology BS films … don’t. (not getting excited about Snow (not) White and the Not Dwarfs) yeah, no one is.

“Barbie” is the girl’s movie of a lifetime. It’s a fictional, whimsical, look into what happens if a girl’s toy (Barbie) and her companion (Ken) become sentient and take on the real world. I mean, what could go wrong?

If you grew up with Barbie dolls in your childhood bedroom, you may love “Barbie” the movie. If you grew up with them in your sisters’ bedroom you probably won’t.

If you hate Barbie because you think Barbie represents a REAL female, you may need a therapist. It’s a doll.

All of you in between, who are angry that some people did, or other people didn’t see “Barbie”, should seek help. It’s a doll. This is a movie about a DOLL!

It’s a chick flick – leave it to the chicks – or admit you are a dude who likes watching chick flicks – whichever.


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  1. This is my first post on the Conservative Daily News website although I have been subscribed to the associated newsfeed for quite some time now. I just wanted to say we would all benefit if we took to heart the underlying point of this article. Some things are simply what they are.

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