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Ron Johnson Says Hunter Biden Should Be ‘Concerned’ About House Investigation

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said Wednesday that Hunter Biden should be “concerned” about the House’s investigation into potential financial entanglements implicating the Biden family.

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to all charges after a plea bargain collapsed when United States District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected both the initial plea deal and a more limited revision Wednesday. Republicans, including candidates for president, and legal experts all criticized the plea agreement announced June 20, calling it a “sweetheart deal” and saying a “two-tiered” system of justice was in place.

“What I have been looking for, Laura, is who is going to advocate for the equal application of justice under the law? You know, obviously, the prosecution has not been doing that. I was hoping the judge would do it,” Johnson told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “I hope she still will by just rejecting this sweetheart deal and call for a thorough investigation and an honest prosecution. Because we have not had that yet. That’s what I think Hunter should be most concerned about is a thorough investigation and an honest prosecution.”


“I have always felt that Joe Biden was unfit for office. Certainly, Senator Grassley and I, in our report, we showed all the vast web foreign entanglements. He never should have been elected. He wouldn’t have been if the press had been honest,” Johnson said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for an impeachment inquiry Tuesday following revelations from two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Zeigler, who testified about interference by the Justice Department with the investigation into Biden during a July 19 hearing held by the House Oversight Committee. Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee released transcripts of depositions from the IRS whistleblowers on June 22.

“At this point the House is adding to the record we developed. More details. More things that tie President Biden to Hunter Biden’s corrupt grifts. It’s sick to listen to the mainstream media to say. ‘Oh! there is no evidence.’ There is a ton of evidence and it’s mounting each and every day,” Johnson continued. “So, I hope the House does proceed with investment inquiry. I think it will open up more evidence to them, give them greater power to do the type of investigation that really needs to be done here. The FBI and the Department of Justice obviously are not doing that thorough investigation.”

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