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The “State Of The President” Determines The “State Of The Union”

As an American patriot concerned with the status of the United States, I would rate the current State Of The Union under Joey Biden as desperate and failing, and here are some reasons why:

When the president is seen to be a demented, stammering, stumbling, partisan, self-important old fool who constantly tampers with and adjusts every aspect of the government to fit his woke ideas of how things should be, rather than let the citizens run their lives as the constitution specifies, and fails to protect our borders and our prosperity in a dangerous world, then a good State of the Union is impossible.

The Biden administration inherited a nation that was recovering from a pandemic and his actions and his mandates plunged it back into darkness again. His mandates to mask and vaccinate all Americans, and his mandates to lockdown schools and businesses were tragic and assured negative results for the entire nation.

The nation that Donald Trump handed to Biden was independent of foreign oil for our energy needs, and Biden’s tampering and lying about warming/change plunged us back into a need for foreign oil, which led Joey to go begging to the Saudis for more oil to be extracted for our benefit, for which Joey got a bitch-slap from the Arabs and he went away empty handed.

Our border was being made essentially secure by Trump with the erection of walls to keep illegals out, and the fool Biden put a halt to this national security measure and caused an avalanche of over five million illegal crossings of the border, and no one knows how many criminal crossings, in his first two years. And a side result of Joey’s idiocy is the flood of fentanyl tablets that the Mexican syndicates are sending north to kill Americans and enrich themselves, along with their other criminal endeavors.

Inflation was low until Biden started spending wildly from the Oval Office and now a formerly comfortable middle class is struggling to pay bills and avoid becoming impoverished under a Socialist administration.

Our nation was being overtaken and spied on by China even before Biden assumed the Oval Office, but Biden sat and watched as his Chinese masters launched a spy balloon that spanned the width of America, and Joey allowed it to collect data to be used against us in the future, and only shot it down as it completed its mission and was leaving American territory. Following the downing of the Chinese balloon Joey stuck out his chest and declared himself to be a good boy for defending the nation. All of which goes to prove the point that the millions of dollars the Biden family has gotten from China over the years has been paid for by Joey.

During his SOTU speech Joey declared that Republicans were planning to deny all Medicare and Social Security benefits to Americans, at which time the Republicans became raucous in the chamber and called his words lies. Joey seemed surprised that the formerly tame Republicans took offense at his lie, and he said that the subject of Medicare and Social Security would not be used by Democrats again in future battles with Republicans for public office, but since lies are all that Democrats have to convince Americans to vote for them, it’s a cinch the dirty Democrats will attack Republicans many more times using these lying tactics.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It’s all too predictable. Biden lied and told us that the economy is great while we see tens of thousands of tech and big bank workers being laid off. He also said that unemployment is at record low levels even though it’s barely above pre COVID levels. He won’t tell you that employers are still begging for workers because of his expansion of our welfare state and that there are six million Americans that are able to work, but refuse. And he won’t tell you that record numbers of Americans are in debt and declaring bankruptcy. Or that real wages are declining while inflation continues to rise. He takes a victory lap if there’s a tenth of a point of a decrease in inflation month over month but never reports the fact that inflation has risen 14% since he took office and some food prices are up 60%. He said that gas prices are down but didn’t tell you that they are rising again after he is no longer drawing down our Strategic Oil Reserves and that they have still doubled since he took office. He won’t tell you that the inflationary effects of their “Inflation Reduction Act” (actually a “Green New Deal” spending bill) and the “Omnibus Spending Bill” have yet to be felt. And, oh yeah, he lied and said he had the brass to shoot down the China spy balloon even though he let if fly all the way across the country and only shot it down because of public outrage. We all know that he is compromised by the tens of millions he and Hunter made from China energy companies when he was VP. The lies in the “State of the Union” were unending, but anyone with any brains knows that a recession and worse is coming this year.

    Americans need to wake up before it’s too late and realize that the middle class is being bankrupted by our own government’s never ending money printing (which is the main cause of inflation) and ever increasing taxes and higher and higher energy costs that will result from their idiotic “Green” policies and mandates. It’s worse than just that our Government is failing us. It’s abhorrent and disgusting that they obviously care more about criminals, fringe sexual deviants, Ukrainians and illegal immigrants than their own taxpaying, law abiding citizens.

    1. Great article. And great comment from Stan. It’s how I feel and I’m sure it’s how millions of other Americans feel too. Joe Biden is not a “normal”, he is a “crazy”. Joe Biden needs to step down.

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