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The division of Conservatism will lead to despotism

Alas, The House of Representatives has elected a speaker. After 15 rounds of voting, the Republican Party finally elected Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House. If the GOP demonstrated anything, it’s that they are an incredulously divided party. Contrarily, Democrats illustrated their unity, as one by one, every single parochial liberal, cast their vote for Hakeem Jeffries. It is now time for the Republican Party to unite and get stuff done for the American people. 

It is a divided Republican Party that will pave the way not just for party losses, but for despotism. The Democratic Party has assiduously demonstrated its resolve to do anything possible to secure power. The unity and cupidity of the Democratic Party is what allows them to win elections. It’s not their message, rarely do they ever have a message, rather, they promise a “utopian paradise by the name of “inclusivity” and “equality”. Yet, again, they lie. 

As aforementioned, on January 7th, the Republican Party, after an argosy of concessions were made, finally voted McCarthy as speaker. It was only a matter of time. Speaker McCarthy rightfully stated that the first order of business would be to repeal the funding of the futile 87,000 IRS agents, who only yearn to see American citizens in debt. If McCarthy follows through, this would be a win for America. 

Speaker McCarthy must attempt to unite the House Republican caucus, through any means necessary. For, to divide the party further, is to sentence America into the ash heap of totalitarian politics, at the direction of the Democrats. 

Accordingly, several concessions that McCarthy has “promised” include: 1 GOP member, if dissatisfied, may request a vote to push McCarthy out of the speakership, term limits, a subcommittee investigating the corruption of Washington D.C., A subcommittee focused on economically competing against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and many more. 

Indeed, the concessions McCarthy made, if followed through, will help the American people triumph, after they have been ignored and decimated by Joe Biden’s calamitous policies. During his first address as speaker, McCarthy pledged to bring back American independence, make the Trump tax cuts permanent, eliminate woke ideology in schools, and secure the southern border.

So, what is despotism? Despotism is simply a euphemism for communism. The Democratic Party is exceptional at conducting despotism through its politics. For example, remember when COVID-19 reached our shores?

  • Democrats managed to make the election system so malleable thereby paving the way for a profusion of fraud
  • Democrats managed to lock their citizens down – prohibiting kids from going to school
  • Democrats managed to prohibit families from visiting their dying loved ones in the hospital.

This is despotism, a total overreach of power by the federal government. Despotism is caused by avarice, avarice from politicians, who seek not the betterment of the nation, but rather, the betterment of their pocketbooks. 

Additionally, one may wonder if despotism can ever reach the United States, and if so, it surely will never be as bad as communist Cuba or communist Venezuela, however, such a claim is far from the truth. Cuba used to be a paradise, home of distinct mafia bosses in the ’50s, Ford used to operate in Cuba, and Hershey used to operate in Cuba. Yet, now, Cuba is a hellhole, rifled in communist politics, that abnegated humanity from success. The Cuban people struggle to find food, at times, children are seen eating dead cats since food is obscure. However, the communist government of Cuba has food, of all types. Venezuela, similarly, was a successful country, however, Venezuela has become a hellhole, in which the Venezuelan people can’t find food, or even survive. 

Surely, the United States can’t become Cuba or Venezuela, can it? To that I say, yes it can. It’s infelicitous to state such a thing, yet, it is true. Conceptualize the United States, during the apotheosis of COVID. Politicians began to isolate American citizens, rob them of their freedoms, and mandate a vaccine, that was not 100 percent scientifically proven to be safe. That is totalitarianism. The United States entered its first phase of totalitarianism. That was just a foreshadowing of what’s to come if the American people keep electing Democrats into office. 

How can Americans stop this despotism? Well, for starters, vote for Republicans who will put America first, your interests first. However, Republicans will only get things done for the American people when they are united. Indubitably, they are not. I augur that this division of the GOP will allow the integration of despotism into the United States, through the avenue, that is, liberalism. The only way to avoid despotism is to avoid dividing the Republican Party, further.

The American people will be hesitant to vote for a party that is deeply divided and unable to get stuff done. If the Republican Party wants to Save America, their first priority should be coming together, putting their differences aside, and working for their constituents. By 2024, if the Republican Party is United and commits to its promises, Donald Trump will become the 47th President of the United States, and the GOP will become a successful party. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

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Anthony Gonzalez

President of the conservative club at my high school, author for American Thinker, Blabber Buzz, and CDN. Unapologetically conservative.

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  1. The real issue is the continued ignoring of the real conservative base and the outrage against the ever capitulating Republicans. McCarthy in the House and many more in the Senate (like RINO’s McConnell and Graham) continue to betray their base and vote with the Democrats on ridiculous government money printing like the Omnibus Spending bill or the anti-Christian and completely unnecessary “Respect for Marriage Act”. In both houses, they wave their Ukrainian flags and vote for endless unaccountable billions (over 100 billion so far) to send to the corrupt Ukrainian government for a proxy war against Russia that we didn’t want, didn’t vote on, and can’t win. They shout, “we must protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity” while they do nothing about the fact that we are no longer a “sovereign” country with a completely open border that lets in millions of unvaccinated illegals; including criminals, cartels, terrorists, (over 90 caught so far) and the Chinese made fentanyl that kills more American citizens every year than have have been killed on both sides in Ukraine.

    Go listen to representative Chip Roy, one of the Freedom Caucus members who is a true Conservative hero. What the Conservative Caucus wants is a commitment to stop the out of control government “money printing” that is causing inflation and bankrupting Americans. They want key leadership positions on House Committees that will be investigating the treason at the FBI, the real Jan. 6 story, and the illegal “pay for play” deals made by Biden and his son Hunter with hostile foreign powers. Otherwise we will end up with “all talk, do nothing” investigations like the Republicans previously held on Hillary’s Benghazi disaster that killed four Americans. So McCarthy made concessions that needed to happen and he won. That’s a good thing and congratulations to the freedom caucus that is fighting the establishment Republicans and now it’s up to McCarthy to prove his actions can match his words. Next step is to elect Harmeet Dhillon as chair of the RNC. We need more and more “America First” candidates in both Houses and then De Santis in 2024. It will be our last chance to save our Republic.

  2. Excellent discussion–thanks for the post.
    While I agree with the concept of unity, my feeling is that we’re at a time when the only way out is to choose sides–be intentionally dis-unified–then argue it out until one side wins over the other, or one leaves, or one side concedes, or whatever change happens.
    There is MAGA, America First, and there is the uniparty, communists, despots, tyrants. “Republican” is a meaningless term anymore except in specific contexts (e.g., primary voting).
    Given that I think these things are true, there is no way to unify with the other side of the Republican Party.
    They are globalists, we are nationalists.
    At some point there is legitimately no benefit to anyone by pretending to be unified.
    I think it’s time to fish or cut bait in the Republican Party–either we go America First, or…. I don’t know. Third parties have never worked.

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