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McCarthy Takes the Gavel after 15 Votes – So, What Did He Give For It?

It has been a slog for the former minority leader of the House, but Kevin McCarthy will soon be referred to as Speaker McCarthy after a week of negotiations and votes – so, just what did he concede to get those 20 votes that had eluded him?

What we do know is that former President Trump made calls to get some of “the rebels” to vote for McCarthy.

The win cements Trump as a King Maker if he wants to help promote certain candidates in 2024, but it does him no favors as an anti-Establishment candidate.

The question most Americans ask after this week-long mess is, “what now?”

The House will be in-session all next week doing the business of those so enriched. It is the way of things. Taxpayers pay and members of Congress collect. It is what they do.

What did “we the people” get out of this exchange? We won’t know for sure until some major bills hit the floor and McCarthy is forced to negotiate with us evil Conservatives.

What Did McCarthy Give Up?

  • Any rep able to call a motion to “vacate the chair” moving more power out of the speakership and into the hands of representatives
  • A floor vote on border security
  • A floor vote on a balanced budget amendment
  • A floor vote on Congressional term limits
  • More freedom caucus members on House Rules and other important committees
  • Cap discretionary spending at 2022 levels
  • Reps will have 72 hours to review bills before they come to the floor for a vote
  • A committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government

Beyond this list, we will have to wait and see (you will have to see what’s in it …) before we know what this cost or what it got us.

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One Comment

  1. Despite RINO’s like Dan Crenshaw and others calling the Freedom Caucus holdouts “terrorists”, it was a very necessary and productive process that secured several crucial concessions from McCarthy. What they wanted was to ensure that McCarthy fights against our government’s ridiculous and never ending money printing (such as the McConnell supported Omnibus Spending Bill) that is driving inflation and bankrupting America and our country’s middle class. Secondly, and most importantly, they want to secure positions on critical committees that will be investigating our treasonous FBI, Joe and Hunter’s illegal profiting from “pay for play” deals from hostile foreign powers (Ukraine and China) and election interference. The last thing we need is a feckless and useless investigation with no consequences like what happened previously when Hillary was investigated for the Benghazi debacle that killed four Americans.

    While we don’t know all the details yet I do know that, for example, Jim Comer has secured a position on the committee that will be investigating the FBI. He is a bulldog congressman from Kentucky of the highest integrity that takes no crap. I expect we will soon hear of other important concessions as well and this may well turn out to be the most consequential and important debate the Republicans have ever had. Congratulations to the Freedom Caucus and let’s hope that we get many more like them in the future. The next step is to elect Harmeet Dhillon as Chairwoman of the RNC.

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