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The Release Of The Secret Twitter Files Prove That Democrats Fear, And Can’t Compete With, Conservative Ideas

It’s been said that the way to destroy a bad idea is to allow it to be seen and evaluated by everyone, and the flaws would be obvious. That’s why Twitter killed anti-Biden opinion pieces, because the leftist policies of Biden and his pals couldn’t stand up to the traditional, patriotic arguments against them by conservatives, so they just eliminated those opinions. And now we have the high inflation, open borders, high fuel costs, ruinous New Green Deal policies, violent agitation from our enemies in China and Russia, sky-high crime in largely Democrat run cities and states, favored treatment of Democrat suspects like Hunter Biden and frivolous DOJ investigations for Republicans like Donald Trump (who was forbidden by the Twitter Nazis to communicate with American citizens while he was president), Rudy Giuliani and various others whose only crime was to support Donald Trump and his pro-American and pro-prosperity policies.

The same is true of the covid Nazis. They silenced scientific opinion that would have allowed Americans to live normal lives during the pandemic and would have allowed schools to remain open, and would have prevented the firing of thousands of emergency workers and military personnel, because they refused to take the non-vaccine the Biden administration was pushing, simply by “disappearing“ their arguments from social media.

It could be easily argued that Twitter committed treason by silencing the sitting president at the time, so he could not explain to the American public why the Democrat insistence on a complete shutdown and the forced vaccinations of all Americans were bad ideas.

But the crimes against the constitution go much further than just Twitter shadow-banning. All of the leftist news/opinion agencies do the same thing against non-Democrat opinions, with CNN and other leftist groups not even reporting the latest Twitter revelations of these freedom-of-speech crimes, because censorship and silencing of competing ideas is what the political left always does, starting with the Socialist Nazis of Germany in the 1930s and the Cuba Communists of the 1960s. All leftists think alike and tend to silence all competitive thought and ideas, like the Biden administration and its misinformation/disinformation agency it tried to establish a few months ago, whose whole mission in life was to silence Republicans and eliminate any political competition.

The intention of Biden’s planned disinformation agency was that Democrats could then block conservative opinion during a political campaign and deny a Republican presidential candidate a voice, and any resulting Republican administration would lose the opportunity, via the big-tech, social platform, of telling the public what is right about their ideas and what’s wrong with the Democrat position on everything, thereby censoring conservative ideas under the umbrella of preventing false information.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats understood that they had to silence Donald Trump during his first administration, and during his attempt at a second administration, because there is no argument Democrats could make that could be more persuasive, convincing and vote-getting than Trump’s position on freedom and prosperity, so he had to be silenced.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. So many people are just ta;lking about these scum losing their jobs. NOT ENOUGH! Every single one of them MUST be prosecuted for treason against our country… with the appropriate punishment for treason.

  2. What we all suspected is now revealed as truth but the silence from the left and all the mainstream media is deafening. What is the recourse left for the people when we have a government where the FBI and the DOJ have become the enforcement arm of the Democrat party; just like what the Stasi did in East Germany or the KGB do in Russia. Twitter, Facebook and all the other social and mainstream media, all the Democrats, and the FBI now admittedly and provably interfered in the 2020 election by conspiring to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story to illegally affect the outcome of a Presidential election. The key word is ILLEGAL election interference. Not to mention twitter interfering in Arizona this year and how many other elections and censoring and shadow banning major conservative voices prior to the 2020 election, the 2022 mid-terms, and all through the COVID crisis. It is an outright conspiracy to deny Americans their first Amendment rights of free speech. It seems to me that the only remedy is for citizens or states Attorney Generals to sue the Federal government for a conspiracy to deny their first amendment rights. Then the only questions will be, is the Supreme Court going to take up the most important case in the history of our country and is anyone ever going to be held accountable?

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