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Biden’s Genderfluid Nuclear Waste Official Charged — Again — With Stealing Someone’s Luggage

An Energy Department (DOE) nuclear waste disposal official who was previously accused of stealing a woman’s luggage in Minneapolis has been charged with stealing another person’s luggage at an airport in Las Vegas, according to 8 News Now.

Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition for the DOE’s nuclear office, is wanted on felony charges of grand larceny after allegedly stealing baggage from an individual at Harry Reid International Airport, 8 News Now reported Thursday.  Brinton was hired in February as the first genderfluid person in federal leadership, and the grand larceny charge carries a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

Brinton was filmed allegedly stealing a woman’s roller bag at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport’s baggage claim area by security cameras on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 27. Brinton was questioned by police on Oct. 9 after security footage showed the nuclear official carrying the bag at Dulles International Airport, according to the complaint; Brinton said that the bag was taken by mistake, and no clothes or objects had been removed from the case, before revising the story.

None of the female victim’s clothes were found in Brinton’s hotel room and the contents of the bag were valued at over $2,300, according to the complaint. The Energy Department previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Brinton was on leave as deputy assistant secretary.

Brinton is an outspoken LGBTQ activist and identifies as genderfluid while using they/them pronouns and, according to The Washington Examiner. Brinton was also a member of a drag queen society called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” and dressed up as a drag queen character called Sister Ray Dee O’Active, according to a 2018 Instagram post.

The Energy Department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Biden sure likes hiring pathetic, disgusting, mentally challenged weirdos. Guess it takes the focus away from his completely un-American treasonous policies and procedures.

  2. I think the deal must be Biden doesn’t hire anyone who may be smarter than he is. Result: The ignorant, incompetent boobs at every level of Presidential appointees, starting with his cabinet.

  3. This is what happens when you hire people based on the perverse and illegal ideal of DEI, instead of merit. The Democratic mantra of Diversity (Anti-white policies), Equity (Equal Outcomes/Socialism), and Inclusion (Trans rights) is just another Democrat language perversion that does the opposite of what it portends. It’s nothing less than the destruction of the idea of “Meritocracy”, a foundational principle of the American dream. In fact, even the term “Meritocracy” is now considered racist. It led to the Vice President and most members of Brandon’s cabinet being selected on the basis of their skin color or gender or “professed” gender.

    Now our Vice President says we should distribute hurricane aid based on skin color. DEI has brought about illegal laws that call for firing whites first, for hiring whites last, and for idiocy like the “Menstrual Protection Act” in Oregon that mandates installing tampon dispensers in every boys restroom in every public school in the state. Seriously, go look it up. Now we are hiring commercial Pilots and admitting applicants to college and even Medical schools based, not on merit, but on race and sexual identity (real or imagined). That should work out well. And, oh yeah, the woke military now can’t even meet 70% of its recruiting goals so they are lowering physical and even mental standards and painting “rainbow bullets” on Marine helmets in recruiting ads. And now our Military is about killing babies instead of killing the enemy and will use your tax dollars to pay female soldiers to go to other states to get late term abortions. We have biological males destroying women’s sports and we have a transgender fake “Admiral” as the “highest ranking official of the U.S. Public Health Service”. He/She? also thinks that it’s O.K. to mutilate and castrate children in the name of “gender equity”.

    Our country is rapidly being destroyed by these mentally diseased, corrupt Democrats and it is likely that we have ceded this country and our children’s future to an amoral, lawless, dystopian society that will become progressively poorer and more totalitarian. Just like every other Socialist/Communist state in history.

  4. Just proves one thing and that is the heavy weight loser title in the Biden Administration is a well defended title.

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