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Democrats Shrug Off Crime As Their Cities Implode


Democrats have no solutions to today’s crime surge. Here’s how they shrug off the mayhem.

First: Deep denial.

Through Sept. 27, New Orleans suffered 208 homicides, up 44% versus that period in 2021 and 141% in 2019. The Crescent City has become America’s Murder Capital.

“I do not embrace that at all,” said Democrat Mayor La Toya Cantrell. “It isn’t based on what’s happening on the ground.” She later said that “our city is safer than it’s been in a long time.”

Crime books can be cooked: Curbing arrests can “erase” lawlessness by leaving it unrecorded. But there’s no faking a cadaver. Regardless, Cantrell scoffs at humiliating police data.

Second: Sing a song.

Chicago’s crime numbers are hellacious: Year-to-date versus 2021, burglary is up 22%, theft ahead 61%, and car theft 79% higher. Overall, crime has climbed 38%.

Amid all this, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot promoted a karaoke contest via a grating, vertical Tik Tok video in which she sports sunglasses, strides up to a microphone, and sings Robert Johnson’s “Sweet Home Chicago.”

The only excuse for Lightfoot’s lightweight response to Windy City chaos: Her dismal musical performance would neutralize criminals. If this works, I will say it first: Lightfoot for President!

Third: Roll out the bromides.

Long Island’s Joel Murphy and Elijah Robinson, 17, were wounded in a drive-by shooting about 2:20 p.m. on Oct. 9, in suburban Shirley. One hid beneath the front porch of Congressman Lee Zeldin, New York’s Republican gubernatorial nominee. Another sheltered behind a bush. A bullet lodged just 30 feet from where Zeldin’s twin daughters, 16, did homework at their kitchen table.

“I’m so pleased no one was injured,” said Crime-spree Kathy Hochul, New York’s hapless Democrat governor. “It’s a reminder we all have to work together to get guns off the streets.

Hochul’s words are as predictable as low tide. Yes, pistol-packing perps should suffer severe sentences. But 100% gun control would not have stopped David Jakubonis who, last July 21, confronted Zeldin on the hustings, shoved a sharp keychain weapon beside his neck, and said: “You’re done.”

Jakubonis was armed and threatened a congressman. Regardless, he was free the next day before being arrested on federal charges.

Vincent Buccino savored pizza outside a Hell’s Kitchen eatery on Sept. 9. An unprovoked attacker smashed a chair over his head and broke his arm. The unidentified criminal remains at large.

Michael Palacios allegedly terrorized a Manhattan McDonald’s on Sept. 16. After harassing patrons, he yanked an ax from his backpack, menaced diners and chopped up a table, chairs and glass wall. He, too, was arrested and swiftly sprung without bail.

Palacios was arrested again on Oct. 11, for alleged graffiti and bicycle theft. Once more, Palacios was freed without bail.

Hochul’s hackneyed “Gun control!” slogan would have done bupkis to foil these and countless gun-free attacks. Had Hochul demanded keychain-weapon control, chair control, or ax control, one might respect her originality. Instead, Hochul the Hack spurns criminal control, which would address the evil that undergirds these cases.

Fourth: “Racism!”

Democrats shout, “Racism!” as often as people exhale. They did precisely this when People Who Play by the Rules PAC’s devastating political ad showed doorbell-camera images of three thugs tackling an innocent woman and beating her on a sunny sidewalk in Chicago’s leafy Lakeview district.

She screams for help for 20 agonizing seconds. After a smiling photo appears of Mayor Lightfoot and Governor J.B. Pritzker (D – Illinois), a graphic quietly asks: “Lightfoot. Pritzker. How much worse does it have to get?”

The anti-cash-bail Pritzker — who, like Lightfoot, faces re-election — decried the ad’s “racial tinge” because it shows “apparently black” muggers. But this is Pritzker’s racist assumption. The armed robbers’ hoodies obscure the races of their concealed faces.

Democrats are out of gas on crime. On November 8, voters should hire Republicans to rescue them from the dangerous neighborhood to which the empty-tank Democrats have driven them.

Manhattan-based political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor. Aaron Cichon contributed research to this opinion piece. 

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  1. While a student at Temple University in 1979, a lecturing professor said “In 30 years, technology and unfortunately crime will evolve to a point that makes living in a city unnecessary and too dangerous. The tax base will flee and only the very poor and service workers will remain.” His timing was a little off but democrats work tirelessly to make his prediction a reality.

  2. There’s hundreds of documented stories of criminals released because of Democrat “no bail” laws committing additional crimes up to and including rape and murder. We can watch dozens of videos showing gangs of thugs looting jewelry stores and liquor stores and Department stores, and Convenience stores. Not to mention the “knockout game” showing black teens targeting innocent old folks and Asians causing serious damage and even death or pushing people onto the subway tracks, etc., etc.. It’s all part of the continual lies about “disparate treatment” and “systemic racism” that BLM and the Democrats have translated into “no bail” and “defund the police ” policies. They are all race baiting grifters with the blood of thousands on their hands. If anyone is interested in the truth, you should read Heather MacDonalds’s, “The War on Cops”, or “The Diversity Delusion”.

    These shocking videos should be played on endless loops in Republican commercials.
    Why? Because the DOJ and all the mainstream and social media ignore the massive crime sprees going on in major cities all over the country and instead feature never ending lies about “white supremacy is the biggest threat to the Homeland” or parents against CRT or child mutilation are “domestic terrorists”. They lecture us about the “rule of law” when, in fact, they have weaponized all the three letter agencies (the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, and even the DOD) against their political opposition. That’s what’s done in Russia, China and third world dictatorships.

    Unless there’s a Republican Tsunami, and not just a red wave, in November our civil society and “the rule of law” and our great American experiment will be destroyed forever.

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