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California to Ban Natural Gas-Powered Home Appliances


California regulators unanimously approved a proposal on Thursday to ban the sale of natural gas-powered heaters and furnaces in homes by 2030 to further crack down on fossil fuels and further the state’s aggressive climate agenda.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) committed to mandating new zero-emissions standards for household appliances during a Thursday meeting and would require 100% of new space heaters and water heaters sold in the state to be free of fossil-fuel emissions after 2030, according to CARB’s proposal. The ban aims to significantly cut carbon emissions from households and businesses as buildings contribute to about 25% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the regulators.

Some parties will be required to retrofit their buildings with electric heat pumps to replace gas-fueled heaters and furnaces, according to CARB. However, the state will not force all individuals and businesses to immediately retrofit or replace their systems.

California’s proposed standard is part of a larger effort to cut household emissions by phasing out gas-powered appliances such as heaters and stoves as space and water heating account for almost 90% of all building-related natural gas demand, according to CARB estimates. The proposed ban would also make California the first state to ban gas-fueled furnaces and water heaters in homes.

The move comes after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed 40 climate bills on Sept. 16 to achieve statewide “carbon neutrality” by no later than 2045 by cracking down on oil drilling and accelerating carbon capture projects. California will also invest $54 billion to cut carbon emissions and develop “clean energy technologies,” according to the California Climate Commitment.

California will also ban the sale of all gas-powered cars after 2035 and is mulling a ban on medium and heavy trucks to fight a legacy of racist practices, according to a CARB report.

CARB and Newsom’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. What a stupid thing to do. How will they ever run their mansions on electricity alone, which by the way, takes fossil fuels to be generated. Need enough to run lights, refrigerators, ranges, washing machines, dish washers, TVs, computers, security cameras, microwave ovens and more. And don’t forget those great big battery chargers to plug in the EVs and lawn mowers, and the smaller chargers for cell phones and other smaller items. Then there are the buses, trains, fire trucks, and garbage trucks run by the cities and whatever else they run on fuel. Just another crisis in the making. Just say to heck with it and go back to normal. They might have to change what normal is tho’. And don’t come knocking at our door looking for electricity, we’ll be in the same boat. Oops! Forgot the yacht’s battery will need to be charged too.

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