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‘We’ll Be Busy With Popular Uprisings’: German Minister Tries To Backtrack Dire Remarks About Energy Crisis

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock made a dire prediction about her country’s future on a live-streamed panel on Wednesday, warning of “popular uprisings” if a pipeline turbine was not delivered back to Germany.

Baerbock warned that Germany could face widespread domestic revolts due to energy shortages and would be unable to continue giving Ukraine military and economic aid while speaking to RND, a German media outlet, on Wednesday. The minister’s comments come amid the growing energy and economic crisis in Germany that is being exacerbated by the reduction of Russian gas imports via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, operated by Russian state-run gas giant Gazprom.

“If we don’t get the gas turbine, then we won’t get any more gas, and then we won’t be able to provide any support for Ukraine at all, because then we’ll be busy with popular uprisings,” Baerbock said before immediately walking back her statement.

Baerbock quickly said she was “exaggerating,” and also emphasized that the majority of Germans support weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

Hans von der Burchard, a European reporter for Politico, translated her statement on Twitter.

The turbine was stuck in Canada as a result of Canadian economic sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, according to The Globe And Mail, a Canadian news outlet.

Germany bailed out its chief gas importer, Uniper, on Friday, the company said in a press release, signaling its desperation for fuel amid skyrocketing energy costs and record Eurozone inflation.

Germany was initially criticized for its tepid support for Ukraine following the war’s outbreak and its heavy dependency on Russian natural gas, according to Reuters.

Baerbock is also a member of Germany’s Green Party, a party that pushes renewable energy alternatives and advocates for the dismantlement of the fossil fuel industry.

The German foreign ministry did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Germany’s (and Europe’s) “Green New Deal” is not only responsible for their crashing economy but, along with U.S. policy, responsible for the Ukraine war. After decades of shutting down their nuclear and coal fired plants Germany (and most of Europe) gets at least 40% of its gas and oil from Russia and can’t survive without it. Nord Stream 1 ran from Russia through Ukraine to supply Germany (and all of Europe) with Russian gas and oil. It was problematic for Putin because he had to pay huge tariffs to Ukraine and more problematic as the U.S. kept pushing Ukraine to join NATO; a “red line” for Putin as it could have threatened the oil supply line and Russia’s main source of revenue. So then he built Nord Stream 2 which runs directly to Germany from Russia. Trump opposed it and Biden approved it. Trump even warned Germany about their dependence on Russian oil and they ignored him. Putin “owned” Europe with its gas and oil dependence, he saw Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan, witnessed his foreign policy ineptness and fecklessness; so it’s really no surprise he decided to attack.

    So while Biden says his sanctions will bankrupt Putin, the truth is that Germany and all of Europe are still buying Russian gas and oil, the Russian ruble is rising, the dollar is crashing and Putin (with Biden’s help) has castrated NATO. Gas prices and inflation will continue to rise and because of the lack of Russian fertilizer and Russian grain, worldwide food shortages are likely. There is also a new refugee crisis in Europe, hundreds of thousands will die, western economies are crashing and we are in a proxy war with Russia that we didn’t vote on, can’t afford, and can’t win. And Biden wants to send money to Ukraine endlessly and impose Europe’s proven energy disaster here. Had enough yet America??

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