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The Supreme Court Delivered A Major Victory For The Pro-Life Movement


Immediately after the initial draft of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision was leaked to the press in May in a deplorable breach of precedent, a political earthquake erupted that sent shockwaves throughout the entire country.

The backlash from Democrats has been fierce — and their “mob on the spot” was quick to action.

Over the last month, far-left activists have waged a pressure campaign on Supreme Court Justices by illegally protesting outside their homes. Dozens of pregnancy resource centers and religious organizations have been vandalized, graffitied and attacked around the country.

Despite death threats and a failed assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court delivered in a significant and long-overdue victory for the unborn.

In 1973, the Supreme Court twisted the “Due Process” clause of the 14th Amendment to create the nonexistent “right to an abortion.”

Since that terrible ruling, more than 62 million unborn babies have lost their lives.

This historic victory for life allows us to end the evil that is abortion. Finally, after 49 years, this terrible decision has been corrected. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling has reversed this horrific precedent.

Despite the hysteria from President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their allies in the mainstream media, the Supreme Court’s decision does not mean that abortion has been outlawed nationwide.

The Supreme Court’s ruling returns power to elected leaders. Shouldn’t our legislatures in the states debate and pass laws that reflect the values of their constituents?

After the Dobbs opinion was leaked, Senate Democrats attempted to gut the filibuster and pass legislation that would codify abortion on demand, funded by taxpayers. Thankfully, this bill did not pass.

Poll after poll shows that Americans disagree with Democrats’ extremist positions on abortion and do not support ending the life of an unborn baby in the third trimester or taxpayer-funded abortion.

According to a recent poll from the Associated Press, only 23% of Americans think abortion should be legal in all cases while 80% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases during the third trimester. A Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll found that 54% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

Thanks to nearly five decades of hard work from the pro-life movement, Roe v. Wade will no longer hinder elected leaders from protecting innocent life in America.

With Roe v. Wade overturned, we now face a new challenge — answering the question, “What comes next?”

Our work to protect life continues. We will put compassion and care at the center of our efforts to help pregnant women and protect life all across America.

There is nothing more sacred than the right to life, so we celebrate this moment and welcome this challenge.

Our movement was created to save unborn babies’ lives and support mothers with unexpected pregnancies.

We must, and we will continue this mission to support pregnant women and newborn babies and defend innocent life.

Steve Scalise is the representative for Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District and serves as House Republican Whip. 

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  1. The left’s meltdown over the Supreme Court decision once again blatantly exposes their hypocrisy and fascist mentality. They again openly support violence (as with the BLM riots) and talk about ignoring “the law of the land” and disobeying the laws the don’t like. On the other hand they called all the protesters who even questioned the results of the 2020 election “insurrectionists”.

    They argue that a fetus is just a part of a woman’s body and that she must have control over her own body. But a “living fetus” is not just a part of a women’s body (like a foot or a hand) but a human being living in her body; therefore abortion is taking the life of that living being. Incidentally, the definition of murder is “the premeditated killing of one human being by another”.

    Regardless, the Supreme Court decision is correct in that it does not “ban” abortion, merely leaves the decision to each state and their elected representatives where it should have been all along. That is how our representative Republic was designed and (contrary to the Liberal hypocrisy) is the essence of Democracy not the antithesis of it.

  2. In (my opinion) While saving lives is of tantamout important, our REAL victory is the oreserving the intergerity of our tenth amendment & the Constitution’s “Rule of Laws” that have made us the most civilized and productive country in the world. If we tear at our Constitution, we lose our God Given Nation.

    Pro Choice still exists….a woman choses to have sex be it protected or result in a pregnancy…..Abstence and multiple commerical birth control are available…If all of these ‘protesters honestly give a darn, they can go to work in their own states to legislate ‘their’ choice.

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