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Should Supreme Court Justices Be Protected

Unfortunately, we live today in a fractured society where people on the fringe feel a need to take things into their own hands. We see too many instances of violence, but we usually see the results of a violent act rather than preventing them. The leak and leaker at the United States Supreme Court have exposed the Justices as vulnerable and forced us to reassess their safety. This leak involved one of the most volatile and emotional subjects ever considered by the Court. Abortion and Abortion Rights stir passions and rile people to take to the streets. Unfortunately, these protestors do not take the time to read the opinion before breaking the law with their protests.

Protesting is not breaking the law in certain instances. If you want to march on the Court steps, no problem. If you want to march on the sidewalk in front of a Justices’ home, you risk arrest. That is how the law is designed. The problem is that we are not enforcing the law, especially if those being acted upon are Conservatives. There is already a Federal Law preventing protesting at or near a Justice’s home. Enforcing it would be a step in the right direction for these Conservative Justices trapped in their homes by pro-abortion protestors.

Two problems are stirring these people to take to the streets. One is they have not read or understood the potential opinion. Overturning Roe V. Wade will not outlaw or ban abortion. It will return the decision to each state where it belonged in the first place. The second is the rhetoric of the Democrat politicians feeding the emotions of the protestors with mistruths and hypothetical possibilities for the future. It is sad, but this is all orchestrated to save the midterm disaster the Democrats know is coming.

Let’s also look at some comments an MSNBC guest made this week about the leaker.

MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin found it hysterical when a guest declared she wanted to “make sweet love” to whoever leaked a draft decision indicating the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade and “joyfully abort” a future pregnancy.

“I would like to find out who the leaker is. So I can make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero,” guest Laurie Kilmartin said, prompting laughter from the MSNBC host.

“A lot of people are saying the leaker could be a conservative. If the leaker is a Republican, and if I get pregnant during our love making, I will joyfully abort our fetus,” Kilmartin added.

At that point, Mohyeldin continued to laugh and buried his head in his hands. 

Kilmartin is a comedian who has performed standup for years and writes for TBS’ “CONAN.”

This diatribe by Miss Kilmartin was not said on The Comedy Network but on a supposed news network, and it was tacky and irresponsible. That is what we have come to expect from MSNBC and CNN.

The Supreme Court Justices deserve protection, especially in this hyper-charged and polarized country. It will take just one person to take protesting too far, and a Justice or member of their family might pay the price. This government needs to be proactive before we lament and mourn a loss. The first step is to get these protestors out of the Justices’ neighborhoods and then fund the protection they need.

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  1. Everyone deserves protection from harm. But sometimes you have to take responsibility for your own protection. Of course when you do the law steps in and calls foul. Either protect everyone or get the hell out of the way.

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