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Stolen Election

Commentary by Editor-in-Chief R. Mitchell. Editorial cartoon by Tom Stiglich (@TStig822).

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Tom Stiglich

Starting at a young age Tom Stiglich fell in love with cartooning. This lifelong endeavor has landed Stiglich in the most prominent papers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, TIME Magazine and more.

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One Comment

  1. No! Difference was Hillary wussed out. I was in that auditorium in Las Vegas when thousands of LIUNA awaited her speech in an auditorium. Instead they got Jay Leno, who is a great comic and a good guy. Hillary was a no-show and tried to phone it in. She lost thousands of votes that day ( from all over the country) and that was just one example of how she did not run a good campaign. I didn’t make a lot of friends that day myself when I told leadership that I felt the rank-and-file were not going to support her. They didn’t want to hear it, but I was correct. Trump on the other hand was the Energizer Bunny going through state after state after state. Hillary was a wuss. Her path to leadership was as crooked as Demwits so often are, so much so, she was threatened with disbarrment just the first month after graduating law school. Her scandalous involvement in corrupted blood and AIDS testing was only a part of the Billary trail of corruption. Cartoonist for a New York Times media who hid the truth of Hunter’s computer doesn’t win accolades. They are a crooked rag sheet, fit for wrapping yesterday’s garbage only.

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