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Must-See: Biden’s New “Minister Of Truth” Sang In Unbearably Cringe Music Videos [WATCH]

The Blue State Conservative

The ease with which insane leftists confidently, albeit horrendously and erroneously, go through life is something worthy of a larger study. How can self-confidence and attachment to reality be so far removed? It is simply a marvel.

The Biden administration’s – indeed, the entire left’s – gaslighting efforts went into overdrive this week when it was announced that, under the Department of Homeland Security (yes, the same institution that labeled concerned parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists”) would be forming a separate entity with the truly Orwellian title of Disinformation Governance Board. The Ministry of Truth is easier to say and is simply more accurate.

Nina Jankowicz, suddenly a young woman with frightening authority in the United States, has been tasked with leading this new ministry. Who is she? What has she done to earn this remarkable assignment in just her mid-thirties?  

Well, among other things, Jankowicz has produced a series of cringy and humiliating videos, replete with off-tune singing, exaggerated facial expressions, and lyrics that would make Joseph Stalin blush under that Siberian mustache.

This first “karaoke” was shared during part of a Tucker Calrson monologue last night. She goes all in with the Mary Poppins feel, obviously paraodzing the lyrics from amn allt-ime great song and ruining them with a dystopian theme only the left is capable of creating. That lipstick, though. And the over-the-top salesmanship. Just, no.

The second one was unearthed by Jack Posobiec. “I saw it so you have to see it” is how he framed the uncomfortably long three-minute video. It starts with Jankowicz angstily staring into the cheap camera. This about sums her up: Miserable, lonely, crying out for help. She has unfortunately channeled these negative emotions into a power grab that will seek at nothing short of stealing our most basic and fundamental freedoms.

The best comment to this video was stated only this: “Yikes. Now I need to watch 2 girls 1 cup to cleanse my pallet {sic].” (For those of you that get the reference, it totally makes sense. For those of you that do not get the reference, for the love of everything decent DO NOT look it up. As with these cringe-inducing self-uploads, some things can simply not be unseen).


Tucker Carlson explored her background in detail in a separate, must-watch monologue, I posted it below for readers who are interested. It increasingly feels like each of his nightly broadcasts is a must-watch event these days, though this somehow eclipses all of those that have come before. If it feels like the left has kicked their totalitarian urges and gaslighting efforts into overdrive, it;s because they have. They know people are waking up to their lies. However, because the powerful will attempt to retain their power at any cost, their only response is one of fervid madness. 

This ends one of two ways – with the commoners victorious or the commoners crushed. I see no third option. Here is Tucker’s outstanding monologue in full:


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