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Ignore The Left’s Fearmongering And Celebrate Earth Day For What It Really Is


Let’s call Earth Day by the name radical environmentalists would prefer: “Fear Day.” After all, that is their underlying message every year and especially surrounding this 52-year-old moment on the calendar. They want you to be afraid. Be very afraid.

Since Earth Day was started in 1970 innumerable apocalyptic prophesies have come and gone in the same unrealized fashion as the 2012 Mayan end of times prediction. The Jehovah’s Witnesses after 1877, 1916, 1920, 1938, 1942, 1961, 1966 and 1984 failed predictions will inevitably add another date to the end of the calendar. Climate doomsday is as repetitive as a joke in Family Guy just not at all funny.

When Earth Day launched in 1970, we were in the midst of catastrophic, irreversible, irrefutable evidence of global cooling. Yes, the consensus of international experts and scientists agreed, we should be very, very afraid (and nothing is more scientific than “consensus”).

Time Magazine told us in 1977 “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age,” “No end in sight to the 30-year cooling trend,” blared a New York Times headline in 1978. Do panic headlines sound familiar? You no doubt heard the same dire warning these past few years until the data proved that face masks didn’t make any difference, but by then the reputation of many Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doctors was on the line along with pressure from teacher’s unions, so the mask mandate stayed in effect.

A COVID-19 and climate mash up to prove a point: we’re done being afraid.

Just what are we commemorating on Earth Day 2022?

We have a president who has made the unscientific climate fearmongering the forefront of every policy decision: military, national security, economic and we see the consequence. It’s delivered 40-year high inflation along with record high gas and fuel prices. And millions of Americans are cutting back because food prices have doubled. How much more does the American family have to suffer Joe Biden’s climate policies before we admit the medicine is more dangerous than the disease?

The climate warriors will warn us: don’t be afraid of the credit card bills you cannot pay. Be afraid of this monster, shape-shifting for 52 years, lurking under your bed, because this time, yes, this time, it is real.

Help us, Joe Biden, you are our only hope.

There will be people wearing masks forever, as is their right. Similarly, there are those who fear the climate monster forever, who truly believe the earth is some fragile system on the brink of collapse when it is actually civilization and the U.S. economy which are under threat of collapse.

Since “they” can be so wrong about everything, then this Earth Day we can commemorate whatever we want. So today, proclaim “there is no climate crisis” and be glad for that. Be skeptical of those who see darkness in the sunshine. Reject those who want to will misery into existence. Defeat those who want to silence you, who call you a “denier” or who want you deplatformed, censored, canceled, suspended.

We are not a planet in decline. We are not an Earth with a fever or suffering from human activity. Just as people tragically died from COVID-19, people will inevitably die from mother nature for we cannot ever prevent earthquakes and tsunamis, hurricanes and tornados. We can be prepared to respond to them by building the most robust, efficient, healthy economy possible, and that requires abundant and inexpensive fossil fuels produced right here in America with American labor in American communities.

This Earth Day, let us talk about the most important part of the earth: the people who inhabit it. Eliminating fossil fuels will not make the world a better place for mankind. It would bring darkness, sickness, hunger, families exposed to the elements, incommunicado from the world, disconnected. Mankind’s life would not be worth living.

That’s a prediction you won’t have to take back 50 years from now.

Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. He raises heritage breeds on a farm in rural Virginia. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF

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