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Disney Used To Be The Source Of Fantasy And Fun, Now It’s Becoming Famous for Indoctrination, Wokeness And Abuse

The confounding thing about the Disney corporation going for leftist causes and allowing its executives to “queer” children and take radical positions describing explicit sexual contacts, viewing sex acts with children as participants, and even going so far as to trying to persuade children to get sex changes, was that they determined these things to be acceptable in their theme park dedicated to children.

It hasn’t been that long ago that corporations dedicated themselves to serving their employees and customers. But now too many corporations are taking political positions about everything. AT&T and Delta Airlines, among many other major companies, publicly opposed a voting rights bill that passed in the Georgia legislature a few months ago, and made a big political deal out of their position of opposing the legislation, with Major League Baseball even relocating one of their major games scheduled to be played in the city of Atlanta. Businesses traditionally paid attention to their corporate bottom line and left legislation to the city, state and federal legislators, but now corporations are becoming political, and guess which side of the political aisle they’re siding with: radical Democrats, every time.

It’s the Democrat party that wants to cancel and remove individuals from their jobs or destroy their personal reputations based on their positions on local and national events. But for a corporation, it’s exclusively the leftist Democrats that will destroy a company that doesn’t toe the radical leftist party line by using regulations, various procedures involving safety, cleanliness, taxes, and lawsuits for imagined racism and sexism. Withholding government contracts against a company that is not playing by the leftist songbook is a proven way to bring a wayward company back into the leftist, Democrat party‘s good graces. And the old trick of “cancelling” a corporate executive who refuses to remain separated from leftist politics and just wants to run a good, prosperous business, is a good way to make him or her think right again.

The official name of this leftist punishment and the re-ordering of corporate America based on the political behavior of the company, was set forth by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in a book called The Great Reset, whereby government intrudes in the lives of Americans, and issues an Environmental, Social and Governance index (ESG Index) which generates a behavior score for companies, just like China has a social index for its citizens which keeps them in line with the official government position on everything. This same evil social indexing tool in America allows the Biden government to grant or withhold favors and rights from companies, depending on whether or not the companies have obeyed the Biden administration on policies and practices. If the index shows that the corporation has not been sufficiently subservient to the far-left Biden edicts or mandates, then the corporation will suffer under the many tools at government’s disposal to cause them harm.

So it’s possible that Disney is just playing the Democrats’ anti-American, corrupt game of seeking favor from Washington by hiring and promoting woke, gay and trans groups, hoping to keep their corporate ESG index score sufficiently high so that they can continue to operate as a theme park. But parents are justifiably up in arms because the latest Disney moves threaten their children’s enjoyment, health and even their futures.

And the idiots in the corrupt Biden administration are doing the same dangerous thing to the United States armed forces, by promoting men who dress like women instead of sincere young people who want to actually risk their lives in serve to their country, and hiring men who wear earrings and lipstick instead of strong men who want to kill our national enemies and keep America free. The military is not a place you want to tamper with the defense of the nation, but that’s exactly what the fool Biden is doing.

There is nothing proper, and definitely nothing constitutional, about big government getting in the business of private companies or private individuals and using the incredible power of government to keep its subjects in political alignment with the ruler’s policies. America must rise up and let our legislators know they are displeased with these new and unconstitutional practices. The social media giants’ policies of keeping Donald Trump and the New York Post from tweeting because Trump and the Post are not leftist hacks is abhorrent to patriotic Americans, yet big tech allows the Iranian terrorist leaders to tweet and spread their lies with no restrictions, which is complete idiocy, and it must stop.

If you run a business, are you sufficiently serving the radical-left, woke policies of the Biden administration to be able to stay in business when they generate your company’s ESG index?

And as an individual, is your social index sufficient to keep you in good standing with the leftist ruler in Washington?

This idiot crap must be put to an end, immediately!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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