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About That Guy Who Got His Butt Kicked By Mike Tyson On Plane… He’s Got A Checkered Past Of His Own

The Blue State Conservative

On a Jet Blue flight on Wednesday, legendary boxer Mike Tyson was being antagonized by a fellow passenger and the former prizefighter lost his temper. He turned around, leaned over the back of his seat, and began pummeling a Florida man named Melvin Townsend III.

The video of the incident recorded by one of Townsend’s friends who repeatedly calls him “my boy,” has gone viral, receiving millions of views. But for those who haven’t had the pleasure yet, watch the video here:

In the video, it appears Townsend is trying to be funny, using the premise that he’s asking to buy drugs from Tyson. The videographer can plainly be heard stating:


“Trying to get us some shrooms. He don’t know how to act. Tyson looking out, man.”

Tyson had clearly had enough, and moments later we see Tyson pounding on Townsend. It’s unclear what exactly happened to finally put Tyson over the edge, but it was obvious that Tyson was being provoked. What type of legal or criminal action will ensue because of the incident remains to be seen, but public opinion on social media seemed overwhelmingly supportive of Tyson, suggesting that Townsend had it coming. Now with reports of Townsend’s past, that support will likely increase.

According to a report from USA Today, Townsend had been sentenced in Charlotte County, Florida to 25 months in prison for grand theft, and is known to have “habitual felony offender status’’ as a result. Additionally, Townsend has also been…

“Convicted of fraud by identity theft, trafficking in property known to be stolen, use or possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.”

Melvin Townsend is not exactly a choir boy. He’s also not going to be invited to any Mensa meetings any time soon considering he thought it was a good idea to rile up Mike Tyson, arguably the greatest fighter who has ever lived. It makes us wonder how Townsend managed to survive prison with that type of decision-making. And if Townsend thought that the worst that could happen to him was a Will Smith-style slap to the face, he was sorely mistaken.

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  1. He looks like a stupid fella and got the beating he wanted from his absent father. In this case a wild *egro.

  2. You can’t fix stupid, but what is great is sometimes karma steps in and stupid people pick on the wrong person. Tyson is the GOAT! He’s still got it. Maybe people will think twice before they mess around w. people they don’t know.

  3. Sure, the guy had a run-on mouth, but Tyson should know better. Tyson failed here by sinking to Townsend’s level. Two wrongs do not make a right. And, pounding on the guy within the tight confines of an airplane seat is not only cowardly, but stupid and dangerous. The FAA should have something to say about Tyson’s behavior.

  4. When Morgan & Morgan finish with retard Tyson he’ll think twice before hitting anyone else.

  5. That is probably the right thing to do, as you say but the law does allow you to defend yourself, even on a plane. This provocation was going on for a long time so more than likely, the flight crew was lax in doing their job.

  6. Conducir distraído incrementa las probabilidades naturales de estar envuelto en un accidente. Por eso, las leyes se han ido adaptando y se han puesto más estrictas, para castigar aquellas conductas de distracción que nos ponen en peligro a todos. Evita distraerte y enfócate en lo que realmente importa: tu vida y la de quienes te rodean.

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