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[WATCH] Democrats Openly Cheer ‘Throwing Out’ The Constitution

The Blue State Conservative

I don’t understand Democrats on any level – emotional, intellectual, rational, or otherwise. The stuff they say simply doesn’t compute. Take, for example, their claims that our political and cultural systems are remnants of a racism, patriarchal, cisnormative past and actively oppress everyone other than straight white males. Besides not being true at all, what does that even mean?

The only systemic racism that’s been codified by the federal government in the past half-century is affirmative action – and that works directly against the straight white male population – so it’s impossible to comprehend the complaints.

However, since they apparently believe their own lies, Democrats are now coming out in favor of repealing, scrapping, and rewriting our Constitution, the very document that has given rise to the richest and freest country in the history of humanity. Here is a rich, fat, soft-handed black (i.e. knows few struggles common throughout history) telling us we’re all wrong for pointing out the obvious:

This guy talks a mile a minute without saying anything, so I have included a transcription below. In response to the observation that our current system denies voting rights, equal legal treatment for LGBTQ folks, and abortion, guest and author Elie Mystal went on a meandering rant.

“Hahahaha, sure! But, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Like, if we could throw that out and start over with a new document that was more inclusive of everybody, that was written by everybody –  at no point have black people, brown people, or women had a say a say in actually writing the Constitution or the amendments If we could throw that out and have a delegation of all Americans to write a new one, I’d be all for that. That’s what they did in South Africa…interpret our Constitution so that we extend justice, fairness, and equality to all as opposed to whatever the heck we do now.”

Our Constitution isn’t perfect – hence, amendments – but it is a heck of a lot better than South Africa’s newer version. I will have to write a separate piece on that.

Suffice to say, it’s been an open secret for a long time that Democrats hate freedom and this country. Barack Obama wanted to fundamentally transform this nation, which is admitting that our system of government allowed for too many individual rights. In recent memory, events like the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa prompted fringe, lunatic authors to pen pieces exclaiming “freedom” was a dog whistle for white supremacy. As I wrote at the time, that would have been news to black slaves, and it makes you wonder why Black Lives Matter complains so much about their heritage then.

Relatedly, the other open secret is that Democrats hate what the Constitution guarantees. A theoretical limited federal government is anathema to leftist yearnings of absolute power. When the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a supposed arbiter and supporter of one of the most important documents in human history, was asked about what new countries should model their systems after, she responded by saying that South Africa had a better constitution than America. For the record, South Africa’s constitution codifies racism against whites through property seizure and the vague notion of redressing past sins. 


And it’s bad enough that Covid allowed the federal apparatus to ignore enshrined constitutional agreements altogether. Freedom to assemble? Worship? Speak? Work? Self-medicate? Travel? Think, even? I shudder at the thought of our current state of affairs operating under the Constitution. I can’t even imagine living in an America without the Constitution at all.

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  1. just one problem…

    if you throw out the law, then the people are under no obligation to follow the subjective and arbitrary dictates that you replace it with. we will be under no obligation to refrain from hunting you and your corrupt children down and ending your miserable existences. and also, you obviously haven’t read the Declaration of Independence…. bcus IF you dismantle our just law, thinking to dictate to us through your tyranny…. that is exactly what we will do to you. I swear unto that will be the mind of the people, and won’t won’t rule long before your end is upon you in a most uncomfortable manner like that you have caused to come upon foreign leaders whose governments you have overthrown.

  2. There are no “democrats” any longer. The party of JFK died with the man and his brother. Obama/Biden have dragged it down through the gutter of racism, corruption, marxist ideology and a real hatred of all that America was, is and might become in the future. All democrats are either vile, tyrannical scum or useful idiots who keep the scum in power. Your day of reckoning is coming!

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