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Understand “One’s Own Identity Groups”: Oregon Kindergarteners Inundated With Disgusting Identity Politics

The Blue State Conservative

When I read about kindergartners being taught to solve social justice issues, I couldn’t help but be angry. This isn’t satire – this is actually happening. Teachers are pushing an agenda on our kids that they’re not even old enough to understand. What’s next? Are we going to force them to believe in certain political ideals? It’s disgraceful. Our country is headed in the wrong direction and it’s our responsibility as parents to stand up against these ridiculous teachings and fight for what’s right. Our children deserve better than this.

The state of Oregon has adopted social studies standards for kindergartners that require children to understand their own identity groups and identify examples of racial injustice.

Parents are up in arms over the new social studies standards that require children to identify their identity groups and show examples of racial injustice. The state’s newest education plan for kindergarten students includes an exercise where kids must describe how they feel about being part white, black, or brown among many other identities available on race scales – but some aren’t impressed with this so-called “social awareness” training because there isn’t much differentiation between them beyond noting which group someone falls into without any explanation as what sets one above another besides appearance alone!

Kindergartners will “engage in respectful dialogue with classmates to define diversity comparing and contrasting visible and invisible similarities and differences,” according to the new standards.

Kindergartners will also learn to “develop an understanding of one’s own identity groups including, but not limited to, race, gender, family, ethnicity, culture, religion, and ability,” as well as “make connections identifying similarities and differences including race, ethnicity, culture, disability, and gender between self and others,” according to the new standards.

The standards also require kindergartners to “identify examples of unfairness or injustice towards individuals or groups and the ‘change-makers,’ who worked to make the world better,” as well as “identify possible solutions to injustices that demonstrate fairness and empathy.”

The new standards, which were adopted last March and affect every grade, are currently optional and will not be mandated in schools until the 2026-2027 school year.


This is a perfect example of how CRT has infiltrated our schools and is indoctrinating our children. Parents, wake up! You need to be vocal about your opposition to these standards and demand that your legislators do something about it. Our children are the future, and we need to make sure they are given a chance to grow up in a country where everyone is treated equally, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

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