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Raging Inflation: Is Joe Biden An Enemy of America?

The Blue State Conservative

One thing can be said for certain. Joe Biden and his regime care nothing for America’s best interests or the American people, and it shows in every damned single one of their policies, whether one looks at the economy and inflation, energy, the border, crime or anything else one cares to mention. They are doing everything one might expect from an enemy of America as they push the insane false “science” of climate change and simultaneously kill our domestic oil production, while Ol’ Joe and his son Hunter sit in the Oval Office firing up their trusty crack-pipes.

Despite angry protestations from Biden, the current high fuel prices are absolutely his, not Putin’s, since gas was approximately $2.30 a year ago and it now averages around $4.31 and has recently shot upwards of $8 per gallon in some cities; and likewise, the current 7.9 percent inflation, rising to this point over the past six months, is largely due to Biden flooding more stimulus money into an economy that was in the early stages of recovery and his inept handling of repairing a supply chain that had broken down, due to more bad policy by way of lockdowns and masks and vaccine mandates.

In response to the broken supply chain, Biden did the worst thing he could have done, by flooding the U.S. market with $1.9 trillion in Funny Money last March, that he had printed and borrowed for his “American Rescue Plan”, which resulted in an excess of domestic dollars chasing after too few goods that created this new runaway inflation.


The money supply has been increased by thirty percent in the past year, and that just doesn’t go away until the government calls those dollars back to be placed in the Treasury’s incinerator; and all of this together could quite possibly push inflation to twenty percent in two or three years, according to economic expert [see 3-minute mark] Jeremy Seigel of the Wharton School

Consider this: On February 23rd, 2022, the day before Putin’s attack on Ukraine, the average price of gas was $3.53 per gallon. And this was a direct result of Biden fulfilling his 2020 campaign promise to destroy the fossil fuel industry, making war on the energy industry one of his main initiatives, shutting down the Keystone Pipeline the day after taking office — a pipeline that would have delivered Canadian oil to U.S. refineries, even closing down the ANWR region and its abundance of oil.

Biden has recently renewed its moratorium on leasing for oil exploration and extraction and has blocked oil companies from drilling on federal lands again, and the oil companies are now wary of pursuing more oil production under these unfriendly terms and increasing more stringent rules and regulations that make it cost-prohibitive, as Biden and his Climate Change Alarmists push “Green Energy” and electric cars; and although many thousands of leases have been granted, the permits to drill are not so readily available as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggests.

In regards to the high gas prices, Jen Psaki is on the record saying, “It’s as simple as less supply raises prices.” If it’s that simple, everybody in the Biden regime should be moving to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and get every U.S. oil company in the nation, foreign contractors too, to erect new derricks and drill like there’s no tomorrow.

Sure. It’s perfectly good sense to adhere to some level of conservation of our lands, waters, and resources, but not to the extent the climate change nutcases want to take things. They would push their nonsense, despite the fact that U.S. emissions are the lowest in the world, as they ignore the hard facts that climate change has more to do with solar activity than carbon emissions and that emissions are currently just over 400 parts per million in the Earth’s atmosphere, with the most remote danger level for humans being 15,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air.

Climate change alarmists also fail to note that green stuff needs CO2 to survive and that for damned sure includes our crops. Numerous studies exist that reveal plants grown at higher levels of CO2 produce larger fruits and vegetables while requiring less water.


Conservation shouldn’t be at such an expense to the American people that it makes them unable to properly function, heat their homes or get to work, or push them a thousand steps closer to their own extinction.

Reducing America’s energy-producing capabilities and supply doesn’t stop the worldwide demand for more, and our competitors are left to reap great benefit and profits to an exponentially greater level than before. Russia is currently laughing all the way to the bank, since it produces approximately eleven million barrels of oil per day, only consuming four million barrels of oil each day, and it is this surplus that is currently driving Russia’s economy and enabling Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.


This is why it’s the definition of sheer insanity to see the Biden regime renew the Paris Accord and the economy-killing “cap and trade” policies that hamstring U.S. manufacturing, seeking to spend $550 billion of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars on phony climate change initiatives — with most of the money ending up in his cronies’ pockets — while China and India and other third world countries are paid to continue emitting enormous amounts of CO2 emissions as their industries receive an advantage and continue to thrive.

It’s insanity to kill U.S. energy production while enabling Russian energy and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and going hat in hand to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and even Venezuela, another sworn enemy of America, at the very time he should be reopening the Keystone Pipeline and the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge area and all offshore drilling, as well as lifting all regulatory impediments to fast-tracking U.S. oil production.

Our economy has seen a steady rise in inflation, since early last year, and it reached 7.9% on March 10th, 2022, according to the Labor Department, the highest our nation has seen in forty years. And all of this was in motion and accelerating long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine made crude oil prices jump to $120 per barrel, with the worse yet to come as we long for the $66 barrels of a year ago and dread what more Biden, this tool of the American Communists and the Climate Change Alarmists, will do to heap more pain and misery upon the American people.


It’s purely amazing to watch the diminishing returns on our hard work each week, as our dollars buy less and less at the grocery stores and retail outlets in general, with the average cost of a new automobile now clipping around $44,000 [as high as $47,000 by other sources] You’re lucky if You can buy a bag of oranges, some peanut butter and coffee, a few TV dinners, toilet paper, sugar and some boxes of oatmeal for less than a hundred dollar bill; a package of six Hershey Bars now costs six dollars, so many families now are cutting back on chocolate as a nighttime treat. And in the meantime, the average family is having to spend an additional $300 per month due to Biden’s Inflationary Policies.

Any way one looks at the issues, the Biden policies of government spending increases inflation and his proposed taxes for Build Back Better [Back Bullshit Bundle] will increase taxes on most of the middle class, despite Biden’s assurances to the contrary. His current policies are stifling private sector investments because corporate heads are wary of sinking too much money into new endeavors or expanding, as the cost of capital increases and is reduced.

Hearing Biden call his inflation “transitory” and “temporary” for months now, it really calls into question just what his definition of “temporary” might be.

None of this barely registers for the extremely wealthy people of America, such as Joe Biden and his idiot “special envoy for climate change” John Kerry, but it is deeply impacting the average American. Biden suggests time and again that Americans today have more money in their pockets than at any other time in history, and however true or false that may be, it doesn’t mean a damn thing when the dollar doesn’t buy much today, high inflation acts as an extra tax and corporations are shrinking package sizes and charging the same dollar amount or more and energy costs are going through the roof. Twenty-six dollars an hour, the supposed average hourly pay in America in 2022, doesn’t really buy much more than ten dollars an hour did at the beginning of the new century.

The little Americans pay and suffer, while Biden postures and acts as though none of this is his regime’s fault, screaming angrily at all who suggest otherwise. And it’s almost as if he and his Climate Change Commies are making the final offensive meant to capture capitalism’s engines for the elite, while forcing a new and hard authoritarian socialism, collapsing the system just enough, i.e. Cloward and Piven-style, to force enough people into poverty that the cry-and-hue for Bigger Government and more government intrusions flies across the land. In the process, they are weakening America at home, which also weakens us abroad, as Biden and Marx Inc appease every known tyrant still living [quaking over Putin’s adventurism into Ukraine] and bend their knee to the international order, making U.S. sovereignty secondary.

The sort of transition these red, radical Democratic Party Communists seek for their fundamental transformation of America is based on their New Green Deal. They ultimately seek to nationalize the economy and force the abandonment of huge swaths of capital, that’s unable to be redirected elsewhere, as every resource, nearly all labor, and all production will be diverted from its current use to an agenda determined by government planners and Climate Change Czars, like know-nothing John Kerry. Much of America will be impoverished soon if any of their plans, including “Build Back Better”, ever become “law”, and that’s no exaggeration.

Everything Biden has done to date has been focused on weakening America rather than exuding, exhibiting, and exemplifying American strength. It could only be made worse if he were a puppet for a foreign communist government. Or if bombs were actually dropping on the country. Oh, wait … did someone say “China”?

America cannot endure much more of Biden’s insane and ignorant destructive policies that are certain to result in systemic collapse, mass shortages [more so than of late, and a scarcity of food, as the Biden regime emulates Venezuela and enshrines all sorts of new “rights”, shredding our Constitution and suppressing and trampling on individual liberty.

We must refuse to accept policies intending to reduce each American to “equality” in the lowest common denominator in extreme poverty to live in incredibly miserable conditions, policies aimed at ensuring perpetual power for the Democratic Party Communists’ “elites” at the helm of a newly created totalitarian socialist state. And that means being prepared to fight to one’s death to stop the Democrats’ Green New Deal, for death with their plans.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Justin O. Smith

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

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  1. Notice they dropped the Covid narrative? Notice they boycott Russia, but not China? Notice they dragged their heels for three weeks? Public enemy #1.

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