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Awesome: This Baseball All-Star Showed Up To Spring Training In A “Let’s Go, Brandon!” T-Shirt

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Major League Baseball settled its contract dispute between players and owners and now spring training is in full swing. Apparently, too, is a taste for political messaging.

As was reported by Breitbart:

“San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado sat down for an interview with a local San Diego news station on Thursday while wearing a “Let’s Go, Brandon” tee-shirt.


The All-Star third baseman took a few minutes out to talk to a local San Diego station, and when he appeared before the microphones, he was wearing President Biden’s least favorite tee-shirt (probably).

“Padres superstar Manny Machado repping a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shirt at Spring Training,” the station’s official Twitter account wrote.”

Manny Machado’s roots might have something to do with his politics. Born and raised in Miami, it’s no secret that the Cuban immigrant population does not support communism – and the Democratic Party that increasingly resembles Fidel Castro’s tyrannical regime. Although of Dominican descent himself, no doubt the Hispanic conservatism that focuses on family and faith and has experienced firsthand the atrocities of big government appetites is leary of the corrupt fool in the White House.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon!” chant originated late last year during a NASCAR event. Breitbart described the set up this way:

“The phrase, “Let’s go, Brandon,” went national in October of last year after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast falsely claimed that a crowd of NASCAR fans was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown. But video of the chanting clearly shows they were shouting, “F*ck Joe Biden!””


This video went viral at the time and has since set the stage for epic chants in college football stadiums, NFL stadiums, sporting events of all kinds, and even recently at Kid Rock’s huge Nashville bar.


Most fans dislike the presence of politics in their sports. Well, traditional sports fans; leftists want politics in EVERYTHING. It used to be that sports was an escape from everyday life. No matter one’s religion, politics, or background, a common thread of unity over rooting for the city or state’s professional sports team brought everyone together. Fans would set aside their squabbling and cheer in unison for a home run, game-winning three, or Hail Mary pass.

Now, however, idiot players like LeBron James and Megan Rapinoe force politics down the throats of its fans. They deride the same people coming to cheer them on. Moreover, cowardly owners caved to the woke mob and BLM signs can be seen throughout the landscape of stadiums and arenas.

I would prefer we don’[t have any politics in sports. But since that will never happen again, we might as well present in full force.  Good for Machado for repping that shirt and wearing it broadly.

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