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“Look, you know, every, uh, well, anyway” – Joe Biden Absolutely Loses It In Press Conference (VIDEO)

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There is a lot to be said that the United States, through decades of violative actions vis-a-vis NATO agreements and its supportive role in 2014 of a coup d’etat in Kiev, among other things, bears a large portion of responsibility in the escalated situation between Russia and Ukraine. We can’t discuss events on the ground without being honest.

That being said, Joe Biden is absolutely failing in every regard with his international responses. His withdrawal from Afghanistan clearly emboldened our enemies. Putin is able to show his resolve for Russian sovereignty with a full military assault on neighboring Ukraine. Reports are that China flew multiple sorties over Taiwan this week. Our border remains a mess.

When asked in his most recent press conference about the United States’ weak reply – sanctions, that’ll show ‘em! – Biden lost his train of thought, stopped talking, and smiled for an embarrassingly long eight seconds. There’s cringe, and then there’s this, from the supposed leader of the free world:


“If we don’t move against him now with these significant sanctions, he will be emboldened. Look, you know, every, uh, well, anyway.”

The last part is worth reading again:

“Look, you know, every, uh, well, anyway.”

Emboldened? You know what emboldens dictators like Putin? Stupidity. Cowardice. Inaction. Empty threats. Ignorance. And Biden has these traits in spades.

There is a lot of gaslighting online and in corporate media coverage about how Trump was – and still is – a puppet for Putin. These desperate claims would be hilarious if not for the seriously flawed and dangerous results of holding such contemptible views. The only question worth asking in the moment is: Did any of this happen under Trump? The answer, of course, is no.


I want to live in a peaceful world. Donald Trump, aided in part by his savviness, his ability to see and respond to reality (as opposed to his desired reality like leftists), and perhaps even his unpredictability, enabled him to win four years of peace abroad. No foregin wars and no major acts of aggression occurred under his watch, although he did secure unprecedented peace in the Middle East. 

What can Biden say about any of this? More conflict in the Middle Eats and the most alarming military action in Europe in seventy years? He is a joke of a president. An absolute joke. And his pathetic bumblings and the pathetic voters that allowed this to happen should be ashamed.

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  1. Somebody needs to tell Dr Jill that when she sticks that iced tea spoon in Joe’s left ear each morning to stir his scrambled synapses, stir it counter clockwise now!

  2. As soon as we (GOP) regain control of the house and Senate, we must impeach this imbecile. But people say then we’d have Harris. Impeach her too. That should be easy. Or maybe impeach them both at the same time. But then we’d have Pelosi. OK, rinse and repeat. Are you gonna tell me she has committed no impeachable offences? How about Trump’s second trip through that machine. You know, what’s fair, geese and ganders. Oh man, I’m starting to sound like Biden.

  3. How can this be tolerated? This is our leader?? Jill should be jailed for elder abuse for letting this guy run.

  4. When we gain the house and senate we impeach both Biden and Kamala. Then the next in line is the speaker of the house, which could be Trump if he runs for and wins a congressional seat, then is nominated Speaker. Ahhhh, one can only dream.

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